Extract level mesh from MIS files

  • chris136

    chris136 - 2010-05-10

    Is it possible to extract the pure geometry information from a MIS file.
    I'm trying to rebuild the levels in Blender.
    I tried OGLE with the Open Dark Engine, but it is very hard to combine hundreds of parts to one complete level.

  • Filip Volejnik

    Filip Volejnik - 2010-05-11

    Hi. The best way would be probably to rewrite/reuse the part of the code responsible for the WR loading - wrcell.h/.cpp contains all the data you are looking for, you just need a way to store the data into an appropriate format loadable by blender (maybe ogre's .mesh would suffice, then it would be a rather simple rewrite). There is no api for it in opde so far so some coding will be necessary I'm afraid.


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