OpenDarkEngine / News: Recent posts

Moving to github

We're moving to github! Look for possible further updates there.

Posted by Filip Volejnik 2014-04-24

Web page migration

Our mediawiki content was migrated to sourceforge maintained one. To celebrate, we have a new (hopefully a bit nicer) front page.

Posted by Filip Volejnik 2009-07-08

OpenDarkEngine 0.2.9 released

The 0.2.9 version of OpenDarkEngine was released. It is, more than anything, an internal checkpoint release, so we can go further with the project.

It features a testing mission viewer for all three dark engine games. Windows installer and source code package are available.

Posted by Filip Volejnik 2008-12-29


The CVS code was migrated to subversion. All developers please use SVN from now on, as CVS commits won't be taken into account.

Posted by Filip Volejnik 2007-12-05

Removed the old releases

The file releases were dated, and were removed. The current, actual source code can be found in CVS. The plan is to create a release after version 0.3 will be finished.

Posted by Filip Volejnik 2007-07-02