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OnlineGrades 3.2.5 Released

Important Security Fix:
We have made updates to the login code to prevent SQL injections [ ], which would allow someone to log in without having a valid password. Everyone needs to upgrade to the latest version (3.2.5).

If you are on 3.2.4 you can delay the upgrade by manually upgrading the following four files using the download:
parents/login.php... read more

Posted by Sam Snow 2009-02-05

Online Grades 3.2.4 Released

Merry Christmas! We are pleased to announce the release of Online Grades version 3.2.4. This release features "Grade Groups" capability, which allows for coaches or administrators to review the overall grades for a group of students. Thanks to "evilpluto" - for doing much of the work to move this feature over from an old version of Basmati. For an overview of how Grade Groups works please see read more

Posted by Sam Snow 2006-12-22

Online Grades 3.2.2 Released

The Online Grades team is pleased to announce the release of Online Grades 3.2.2. This release incorporates several bug fixes and adds a few new minor features. There are no database changes this release, so upgrading consists only of upgrading the files on your server to the new versions.

Posted by Beau Huber 2006-09-30

Online Grades Release 3.2.1

New Features Implemented:
1484220 Offer Drop-down for school list at login
- This new option can be selected via the Admin config interface.
1167376 Tools for deleting/viewing/editing data
- Multiple Admin Interface tools for viewing, deleting, editing, exporting class, student, teacher, parent data

- Online Grades 3.2.1 requires MySQL version 4.1.x or later due to the use of subqueries.
- New Online Grades web site deployed since last release
- New documentation center online at
- Beginnings of context based help added. We now have several "help" links that go to the improved online documentation.... read more

Posted by Beau Huber 2006-08-25

Online Grades Release 3.2.0

Welcome to the Online Grades 3.2.0 release. We have made many improvements and are excited to release our best version yet! There are several major new features in this release:

To your teachers, the main difference they will see is the teacher memos. They will need to migrate their current teacher memo to the new per-class teacher memos. The old teacher memos will still be visible to the teachers but not visible to students. ... read more

Posted by Beau Huber 2006-02-24

3.2.0 Development Update

The Online Grades development has entered a feature freeze in preparation for release. No new features are being added at this point, only bug fixes. Three schools are testing the new version "in production" and there have not been any major issues. We are updating the documentation and hope to release at the end of the month.

Posted by Beau Huber 2006-02-17

Online Grades Development Status Update for 12/28/2005

We know it's been a while since we have posted any news but we've been busy. We have been working hard over the last couple of weeks getting new features and developing new relationships with different grade book vendors. Here is a list of the things that are currently in the CVS version of Online Grades:

* Parent Center Now Available
* Added IP Restriction to Student Mailer; helps prevent abuse
* Updated Magpie RSS Reader
* New CSS Based Menus & Layouts
* Added mailto hyperlinks for email addresses
* Added More School Based Options
* Split Offline Feature (Now you can turn off sections of OG)... read more

Posted by Beau Huber 2005-12-28

Online Grades Release 3.1.2

We are pleased to release version 3.1.2 of Online Grades. A lot of development and testing has gone into the software since our last release in March and we are proud to offer this stable release with many new feature updates in time for upgrading your school this summer.

* Most pages now valid XHTML
* Better CSS Support
* A new skin (Fern) and a skin temporary switcher in the Admin Interface.
* JavaScript fixes - no more javascript errors!
* Javascript and PHP verification of all form data entry
* Register Globals = OFF full support
* Completed removal all non-mysql database code
* Ability to force login via ssl
* Login and Logout functions have been rewritten in the backend
* Text that gets emailed is now configurable
* New error handler for displaying errors and basic help information
* Improved display of personal and class notes.
* A RSS News Feed is displayed in the Admin Interface (Configurable)
* The admin mailer now has a "send to all" feature
* Self Password Resets and Changes (if the admin enables them) * User Expiration Date now fully implemented
* Many bug fixes... read more

Posted by Beau Huber 2005-06-24

Online Grades 3.1.1 Released

Online Grades has released its newest version 3.1.1. The latest version fixes a bug found in IIS and some situations where the skins would not load. We have also moved all of the errors from WCSD to an internal handler.

If you would like to read all of the changes that have happened in this release you can at

To download the latest release you can at read more

Posted by Beau Huber 2005-03-28

Online Grades 3.1.0 Released

I am proud to announce that Online Grades has released its newest version 3.1.0. The latest version contains numerous bug fixes, including many related to PHP E_ALL setting. We have also improved the update checker in this release; in the past it was checking on every page load, now it will only check on the main page.

We have also added many new features such as; Skinning system, New Login Pages, Stats. Staff can now change their own information, Name, Password, and Email Address. Plans are also in the works to allow anyone to reset their own information, if enabled.... read more

Posted by Beau Huber 2005-03-21

Online Grades Releases First Version!

Online Grades is based on the project, Basmati. It has all of the same base features plus many new features. OG is a web based grade posting system, which allows teachers to post Grades from Easy Grade Pro, then allows parents/students to view grade in an easy and secure online format.

I am proud to announce that Online Grades had released the initial version of Online Grades and the documentation to go with it. You can easily have it up and running within a couple of days; so why not download today and better enable communications with everyone in a very use to use format.

Posted by Beau Huber 2005-01-10

CVS Online

The CVS for Online Grades is now online. Please use the one labeled onlinegrades and not og-cvs. I am nearing the first release of Online Grades; it will be released sometime after the documentation is done, hopefully sometime this week. It you would like to try it out you can download the nightly cvs tarball from If you find any problems please let me know.

Posted by Beau Huber 2005-01-03

Online Grades Coming Soon!

Online Grades is coming soon, in the mean time please browse around the website and see what we have to offer. The project has not currently released any files but we plan on doing so very soon. Hang with us as we get our website, cvs, and builds up to the website, look for this to happen very soon.

UPDATE: I am currently having session problem with the Server, I will work on getting it resolved. This means the demo will not be working for the time being.

Posted by Beau Huber 2004-12-30

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