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CVS closed, use Subversion repository instead

Hi there,

I imported yesterday and today the interesting parts of CVS repository into the SVN one; and I just disabled the CVS one to not have to maintain two repositories. So please use the SVN repository from now on, the other will be hidden but apparently it will continue working for people that had it before.

I also left behind some old content, and redistributed the files a bit, in example putting data for both client and server in data/, and so on. The autotools method was substituted, please see file INSTALL for more info.... read more

Posted by Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo 2006-04-17

Spring cleaning

I've been doing a bit of cleanup in this project, removing people not active in the last months/years, disabling old binaries (people can't play with them anyway), and so on. If somebody has some comment about it, please tell us.

The website and the rest of stuff is still under construction, probably it would need a few weeks/months to get everything working again.

Posted by Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo 2006-04-10

Website Down!

OnceMMORPG.Com (along with the game server) is down for a time due to server hardware failure. Sorry to everyone!

Posted by Jon 2006-04-03

New release (0.1)

We have a new public release available, it's still not playable at all but there are some important enhancements. Check the changes here: http://oncemmorpg.com/node/104

Posted by Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo 2005-07-23

New Website - New Content - Release News

We have a new website (which was imporperly listed last time). The website is- http://www.oncemmorpg.com

On our new website you'll find screen shots, forums, and a load of new infromations. We invite everyone to stop by, sign up, and say hi.

Second note, we're closing in on our 0.1Alpha release. It was delayed to due some technical difficulties - but we've worked most things out.


Posted by Jon 2005-07-10

Binary release not working, new release coming soon

The binary release is not working at the moment, it is broken due to recent changes in CVS libraries. We hope to have a new improved release ready by the end of March. Please stay tuned!

Posted by Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo 2005-03-19

First release of binary clients in SF (0.0.1)

The Once team is proud to announce the first (demo) release, 0.0.1. Hopefully this release will help to attract more artists and programmers to our project. Since this is the very first release, please don't expect it to be playable at all.

What we've got:

* A working client and server which supports creation of a new account and characters.

* The client currently displays our world and character models (some borrowed) as they are evolving. This allows all current artists to finally see their work in action as they produce and refine it. We expect to see dramatic changes to the world as the artists add new content and improve models.... read more

Posted by Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo 2005-01-31

Once Design Documents version 1.2 released!

After many weeks of bashing out the new (and much improved) magic and herblaw systems, version 1.2 of the design document is finally here. This version contains new skill definitions, many more sketches, and heaps of nw material.

With this release, the design documents have now breached the 20,000 word barrier!

Posted by Thomas Clive Richards 2003-08-29

Quest for designers.

The once MMORPG project are looking for more designers to help with the game design. Ideally we'd like to have around 10 designers in total. There are still heaps of aspects of the game which we have only just glossed over, and which need heaps more thought put into them. If you're interested, give us an email, and we'll sort something out!

Posted by Thomas Clive Richards 2003-07-03

Design Documents Released!

Version 1.0 of the design documents have finally been finished, and are now available for download. If you're interested in the project, why not download the documents, and have a read!

Posted by Thomas Clive Richards 2003-05-04