First release of binary clients in SF (0.0.1)

The Once team is proud to announce the first (demo) release, 0.0.1. Hopefully this release will help to attract more artists and programmers to our project. Since this is the very first release, please don't expect it to be playable at all.

What we've got:

* A working client and server which supports creation of a new account and characters.

* The client currently displays our world and character models (some borrowed) as they are evolving. This allows all current artists to finally see their work in action as they produce and refine it. We expect to see dramatic changes to the world as the artists add new content and improve models.

* The client supports chat via /pm and can list other connected players via /who.

What we haven't got:

* Other players are not yet displayed.

* There is no interaction between player and objects in the world.

* Character creation and available models is currently very limited.

Known problems:

* The weakest part is currently the network layer. If there is a lot of data to be updated from the server, you may need to reconnect a number of times before your data is all updated. In some circumstances the developers may need to provide a cache to download out-of-game.

Getting the files:

* For a quick look, you can download one of the files in the download area of the project and run "" (i386-Linux) or runme.bat" (Win2k/XP). At the moment there are no plans to support Win95/98/ME - sorry, if Microsoft can't make the effort to support them, we certainly can't.

Instructions on what to do and links for help with compilation:

*** Please note that we have only tested on a few machines; let us know if you run into problems and hopefully we can fix it. ***

Posted by Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo 2005-01-31

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