Audio processor class - component extension

  • Eytan Rubin
    Eytan Rubin

    Hi all,

    I am about to write an Audio processing component.
    However, this component has multi-channel audio input stream and one stereo output channel, hence it is not a "standard" audio processor class component (para in spec).
    It might have other non-standard properties (e.g. nBitPerSample != 16).

    I'm looking for an example of an implementation of a non-standard component / extension to the API.

    Any other insights are appreciated!

    • Giulio Urlini
      Giulio Urlini

      Hi Eytan,
          if you need to implement simply a non-standard component you can do it as you wish, respecting the openmax spec. You can start from the mixer component in the Bellagio distribution as an example of a multi input audio component. Regarding the parameters you can set them with your needed values.

      If you need to define a new standard component that matches your component you should propose an extension to Khronos, describing the component and providing also a test for the given component and a reference implementation.
      I hope it answers your question, please let me know if you need further information.
      Best Regards,