Translations for the 0.x.x branch (current release file is 0.7.1) are listed here:
Please note that development for the 0.x.x branch will be discontinued at some point in the future. As a matter of fact: most of our current development efforts are for the newer branch 10-wip. For translations it's the opposite: many translations have been published for the older branch (and some are up to date or almost up to date). For the newer branch there isn't anything published yet, as far as I can see.

Documentation for translating 0.x.x:

French translation:
Yes, there is a translation for the 0.x.x branch, so if you are in a hurry go to
I haven't tested this translation myself. Looking at the messages and the zipfile, I think it's updated for version 0.6.0. If this version is correct, you only need to add a couple of strings to make it work for 0.7.1.
Probably you'll run into an issue when installing OpenBiblio with language "Français" selected, because the directories under /locale/fr/sql/ aren't included. You can take these from /locale/en/ and translate where needed (probably only the newest version number).

Crosspost / desperate:
Sorry that it was not obvious where to look for translations. So now that I have made this more clear, let's look into another interesting issue: the code in OpenBiblio's release branch isn't future proof. Discussion for this can continue in your first post: