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    Good! glad to hear it. Sorry about the mess. Incidentally, while you can have more than one host selected, it really doesn't work out too well. Fred LaPlante, WA1DLZ On 8/19/2017 11:46 AM, Alexander Anderson wrote: I just did your amendment, as you described. I had to add yet another field, "schema", with the same doodads as "context", and "Tada!" I can switch hosts on and off as a library admin, just using OpenBiblio's interface. Thanks for the instructions. Sandy Installation Woes Sent from

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    Hans, I think I recall that Jane found that ERROR class is not the same in PHP7 and she had to make some serious changes to get past that. You might wandt to ask her about it. Fred

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    Thanks, that will be a big help. I have been having some luck running down various pamphlets, etc that lack ISBN or other identifying numbers. I have to use multiple keywords, and publisher name and date, etc. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. A bigger sample wouldt be useful. Fred

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    Sandy, Would you send me a few Titles and authors, etc that define some of the various Herbal publications you were not likely to find at US LoC. I would like to do some investigation about if they do inded have those publications and How one could get information on them. Perhaps I could add to the lookup mechanism for other to use. Fred

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    Indeed some are fussy that way. In fact some only respond to SRU via Z.3950. Visit the host web site for additional information on what they will support. If you are using a linux hosted server, YAZ is pretty easy to install, on Windows, it's hopeless.

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    Hi, I bet if you checked the date on the various files in the ..../mysql/data folder you would find some of them (especially ib****) are recent. They are from use of nySql's inodb engine instead of the normal myisam engine. So some of your OB data is there and not in the openbiblio folder. You can see which is which by simple scan of the openbiblio folder content to see which tables are missing (they are combined in a ibdata file instead). Or you can look at phpMyadmin. Click on openbiblio in the...

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    My solutions is to stop MySQL, then copy the entire mysql data folder to some other place. I copy the entire folder (not just the OB dat sub-folder) because my installation has some tables stored as my Isam while others are InnoDb (not my intent, but I discovered it too late). Then I restart MySql. I do this wekly, after loosing everything during the winter.

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    I do not know about ver 0.7+, but v1.0-wip does, if enabled under Library Settings. If photos are enabled, then they show up on biblio searches both locally and via OPAC. Even have an app that will provide a paginated display of all book cover photos (user request). In fact I have spent the last few days adding code to allow you to dal with the case of having more than one camera (like a laptop with a builtin, plus an external camera used for book photos). Before I started this last exercise I had...

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