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  • Peter Bowers

    Peter Bowers - 2009-01-26

    I am interested in setting up a type of interlibrary loan with another library.  To facilitate searches from our side in their catalog and from their side in our catalog I have heard that there is a feature called z39 something-or-other.  Does that work with openbiblio?  We both use openbiblio...

    • Hans van der Weij

      It has been a while since I read something about software that serves databases to Z39.50 clients.
      Check the Index Data website, yaz toolkit perhaps?

      The LoC lookup patch is a Z39.50 client, based on PHP/YAZ from Index Data. This popular addon extends OpenBiblio cataloging with Z39.50 search and automated import of MARC records.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What about working as a Z39.50 server so others can search OpenBiblio ??

    • Peter Bowers

      Peter Bowers - 2009-01-28

      I took a look at the yaz page and it has capabilities of building a client in PHP, but not a server.  I'm not sure I'm up to building my own Z39.50 implementation on either client or server side...  I'm gathering that it's not part of OpenBiblio at this point...?

      • Hans van der Weij

        > not part of OpenBiblio?

        Not that I know of.

        What I remembered from the Index Data website must have been:
        "SimpleServer is a Perl module which is intended to make it as simple as possible to develop new Z39.50, SRU and SRW servers over any type of database imaginable"

        Try searching the Web for others, like:
        "[...] setting it up is a matter of writing a relatively straightforward configuration file [...]"



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