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Hex Editor
  • Fearless

    Fearless - 2010-02-06

    Notepad++ 5.6.6 with hex editor 0.9.5 Unicode will always crash when opening a file with nfo extension. It even crashes with a zero byte file. The crash only happens when the hex editor plug-in is installed.

  • golgepapaz

    golgepapaz - 2010-03-18

    ditto here…… don't want to remove it :(

  • Stefan M.

    Stefan M. - 2010-05-05

    Same problem here.

  • versat

    versat - 2010-07-17

    I tested it with Notepad++ 5.7 and Hex-Editor 0.9.5 Unicode and it works fine.
    Operating System: Windows Vista 64bit.

  • Josh Harris

    Josh Harris - 2010-11-22

    I am not sure why it crashes but I moved the "Subclassing for Notepad" call from the setInfo function to the toggleHexEdit function and it no longer crashes when opening an nfo file.

    You can apply the following patch with "patch -strip=0 <patchfile" and recompile:

    --- HexEditor/src/Hex.cpp   Tue Sep  8 22:06:34 2009
    +++ HexEditor/src/Hex.cpp   Sun Nov 21 21:56:10 2010
    @@ -185,9 +185,6 @@
        patDlg.init((HINSTANCE)g_hModule, nppData);
        helpDlg.init((HINSTANCE)g_hModule, nppData);
    -   /* Subclassing for Notepad */
    -   wndProcNotepad = (WNDPROC)SetWindowLongPtr(nppData._nppHandle, GWL_WNDPROC, (LPARAM)SubWndProcNotepad);
        pCurHexEdit = &hexEdit1;
    @@ -648,6 +645,12 @@
     void toggleHexEdit(void)
    +   /* Subclassing for Notepad */
    +   if (wndProcNotepad == NULL) {
    +       wndProcNotepad = (WNDPROC)SetWindowLongPtr(nppData._nppHandle, GWL_WNDPROC, (LPARAM)SubWndProcNotepad);
    +       SystemUpdate();
    +   }
  • xm

    xm - 2011-02-10

    I have got this crash too. It is the HexEditor fault, relevant callstack fom the minidump follows:


    I did not checked the source code myself, but it could be something with the subclassing (like it probably checks if the HWND is a Unicode one and then it decides which call it should take (CallWindowProcW or CallWindowProcA).

  • xm

    xm - 2011-02-10

    Sorry, forgot the versions tested: Notepad++ 5.8.7 Hexeditor 0.9.5 (Unicode)

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-06-03

    I applied tateu patch and no more crashes hooray :)
    unfortunately this project has a lot of pre vc8 code and without a lot of work won't compile on visual studio 2005 or newer, I compiled it with vc 2003 (spend half an hour looking for my vc7.1 install disks yea it came on 6 cd's) statically linked to avoid dll hell, if someone want's the dll you can get the unicode build here it's less then 80k
    I hope jens can integrate the patch and we can have an official build.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-03-27

    Unless you've been living under a rock you know what happened  to megaupload, so here's a mediafire link for the fixed version of Hex Editor (if someone needs it)

  • Alan Mintaka

    Alan Mintaka - 2012-03-27

    OK, so Megaupload has been shut down by the US Dept of Justice, and the fix uploaded to Mediafire was posted by an anonymous user whose account has been deleted. 

    Can anyone else here vouch for the safety and/or function of the fix uploaded to Mediafire on 03/27/2012?

  • Alan Mintaka

    Alan Mintaka - 2012-03-27

    Sorry, please ignore comment about deleted account.  I clicked on the avatar instead of the account name and got the deleted message.   My apologies to the poster of the message.

    That said, has anyone tested the MediaFire fix to see if it's safe and works?

  • -=[ DeMoN ]=-

    -=[ DeMoN ]=- - 2012-03-29

    alanmintaka! I tested and working seamless. Smaller than previous… Try this on any sample file.


    But don't erase the 'original' file if you fear… Just try…

  • -=[ DeMoN ]=-

    -=[ DeMoN ]=- - 2012-03-29

    …or write a mail to author about your problem…

  • Alan Mintaka

    Alan Mintaka - 2012-03-29

    Hi demonzone,
    Works fine, thanks for the mediafire link to the DLL.  Apologies again to the author and thanks also for taking the time to build the DLL in vc 2003.  Took a lot of b's to mix and match it with VS 2005.  I know enough about VS 2005 to have broken it thoroughly.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-04-23

    Actually I'm not a programer but an enthusiast, loved Jens's plugin but hated it crashing on nfo files, tateu's patch works I submitted a bug report a over year ago but still no news from jens, the source needs some masaging to get it to compile under vs2005 and newer (mostly no default int etc), as far as I can remember I uploaded the same file on mega some time ago, but I like my 32bit pe files compiled with /arch:SSE2 so the Mediafire one could be compiled with SSE2 flags don't remember, I don't have the time to recompile it use it at your own risk I've been using it over a year with no problems, btw it's an unpacked vc7.1 dll if you're unsure about it scan it!
    upload it to virustotal.com and see the results.
    SHA256: 77eb3b5306bb94b54370755e02238490fb14520285ec94e3cc0354944cdf39cd
    File name: HexEditor-
    Detection ratio: 0 / 42

    I thought sf users wore a bit more computer literate.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-04-23

    What I meant about the optimizations is that Jens's original project had all optimizations disabled for the release configuration, so the file I posted on Mega was compiled without optimizations, while the file I used and re-uploaded on mediafiere might or might not (I don't remember) be compiled with /O2 and /arch:SSE2 for speed optimizations.
    I believe this project is abandoned as no new versions have been released in over a year so this might be the last unofficial working version around, use it at your own risk.

  • Frasier Crane

    Frasier Crane - 2013-02-22

    Any news about an official update fixing the crashes with NFO files? I'm currently using the fixed version from above and it seems to work fine, but an official update with statements about the issue from the author would be nice.


  • Doctorman

    Doctorman - 2015-08-14

    it has been many years and no official update on this?


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