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I'm using "Notepad++" v.5.9 (Unicode) and "Compare Plugin" v.

There is some bug in comparison when I enable option "Ignore Spacing". It does not differ words with and without spaces or tabs symbols between them. For example, "image transfer" and "imagetransfer" produses "Files Match" message in that case. Certainly, when I disable that option, then words are differs. But, in that case I receive a lot of differences for other "space", "tab" and other non-printable symbols if they are differs on both sides.

Is that possible to restrict action of this option ("Ignore Spacing") on difference between "space", "tab" (and etc.) symbols and quantity of them only? And to show difference for words with and without such symbols when this option is enabled?

For example, when "Ignore Spacing" is enabled then words:
"Text Editor" and "Text("tab" symbol or several spaces)Editor" should not be different;
"Text Editor" and "TextEditor" should be different;
"Text("tab" symbol or several spaces)Editor" and "TextEditor" should be different.

When "Ignore Spacing" is disabled, then curent behaviour of comparison for this disabled option should be used.

Thank you.


  • Zuzuka

    Zuzuka - 2011-07-06

    It will be better do not move comparison on new line in such case (example "Ignore Spacing" is disabled)

  • Zuzuka

    Zuzuka - 2011-07-06

    Should not match (example: "Ignore Spacing" is enabled)

  • Zuzuka

    Zuzuka - 2011-07-06

    See attached screenshots in files for additional info.

  • Zuzuka

    Zuzuka - 2011-07-07

    Also I have one proposition to "Wish List" for future versions of that plugin:
    Create additional option for compare procedure: "Ignore Case Sence" (do not differ capital and lowercase letters).


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