#73 Artifacts when reparenting root window or notion's stuff with compositing

v1.0 (example)

Alpha channel for color seems didn't get correct value, so you get artifacts when reparent something in "root" window, for example if you do vertical split you get a "copy" of old window without reparenting instead of wallpaper's background. I set background with hsetroot.

Also if I turn off transparent_background in theme file all works well.

As far I know there was some similar bug in awesome. To fix it developers used alpha-channel(32-bit) color for all awesome's "paintings" include "wallpaper"/rootwindow. I hope this info can help.


  • Arnout Engelen

    Arnout Engelen - 2014-08-11

    Can you describe the steps for reproducing this problem?

  • Sergey Miroshnichenko

    1)Now I'm using latest snapshot from git(1339872)
    2)Run some composition manager, for example compton or xcompmgr
    3)Make split/vsplit or something else and try resize it to reparent root window
    4)Now you can get artifacts like here:

  • Arnout Engelen

    Arnout Engelen - 2014-08-11

    I can reproduce the issue with compton. It also occurs when I simply switch to a 'floating' workspace.

    Notion doesn't paint the wallpaper/rootwindow. I guess that's sort of the problem :) - but it was sort of the intention to leave that up to external apps like wmsetbg. Some more digging to do I suppose.


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