#57 Can't reorganize Chrome tabs


In every non-Notion WM I've tried (including wmii), I can reorganize Chrome tabs. Just pick up the tab, and slide it around Chrome to insert it somewhere else in the tab order. In Notion, this always pulls it out of the existing Chrome window and promotes the tab to a new window.


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    Anonymous - 2013-01-09

    Fantastic. I can indeed confirm that the net_client_list.lua script does work to fix the problem.

    2014 05 28
    Unfortunately the problem seems to have reasserted itself in more recent versions of Chromium (35.0.1916.114-r1). So long as the mouse doesn't leave the tabbar area, the tabs can be reorganized. Once the mouse leaves though, the tab is forced to become a new window and can no longer be dragged back to the original parent window.
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