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Noir Revived.

So after a good 3 years, I've decided to make another release. One that has some samples, and one that that I find rather useful, at it's current stage. It's much faster and more efficeintly coded than the old ones, as well as much more complex and much smarter.

Look at the website in the News section for updates and information on the samples.

Posted by jon wong 2006-02-06

NOIR VB AND JAVA versions released!!!

NOIR VB AND JAVA versions released!!!
The JAva port is an EXACT port of the VB version with EXACTLY the SAME syntax.. mind you!!

I'm not sure if all the possible JAVA think method combiantions work, however i know normal usage of it will be fine, cause i have included a test program with it!

Posted by jon wong 2003-02-15

NOIR dc 2.0 almost done

All that's left is the c2c protocol to work out, hublists has been taken care of, also searchign too, private messages, now it's basically brosing user files and also downloading the actual files.

It's almost Xmas so happy Xmas, Xmlapi and I will finish it up later if we have time. Cya

Posted by jon wong 2002-12-24

NOIR 2.0 edited and released

weeded out a big PHAT bug, and released the DC client xmlapi and I are working on... it's got some features but can't download yet,, will fix that soon ;) It has a very simple interface and should be good for normal ppl. Update before xmas break ends.. should happen

Posted by jon wong 2002-12-23

UPDATE!!! Fixed some problems more support

WEll, NOIR now supports optional arguements if you really want them. If u want to see an example goto the ninu project page on source forge, just search for ninu.

Also fixed some minor errors, that I found. YES IT does work... at least on my computers ;)
contact me for info or comments: aim :apemanaoogabaloo

Posted by jon wong 2002-12-15

Noir is updated and is continuting

I've not only got everythign to run properly and work efficiently. I'm now workign on a project, that will try to use NOIR's usefulness in a language porting program. I'll relase it here...when it's done. It is still in planining currently, but with nOIR, as a parser, a lot of dirt work is done, so expect it soon.

Posted by jon wong 2002-12-06

updated: NOIR finally has JAVA and VB

JAVA version is now finsihed tho it has n't been TESTED it should work. COMpiles correctly etc.
JOIN MY DEV team..i only have 2 ppl come on!!

Posted by jon wong 2002-08-20


Noir finally can be called BETA!!!

Though i am the only developer, i hope that it is quite apparent the NOIR is useable and is useful.

I hope the hotline cilent demonstrates it's simpleness and power... look at the code and the two text files. they are the guts of the project, and they are quie reusable, because my earlier non-release hotline files were used to derived my current files.

Noir can currently parse and anlayze eveyrthing for you autmoatically except for userlist parsing and so forth. That is easy to rpogram with noir, and i have an example in my Hotline DEMO.... read more

Posted by jon wong 2002-07-03

Updated! :)

I finally updated NOIR. There is a set of working VB modules/libraries in the package now. Unfortunately I forgot to include the LGPL license so I need to withdraw it, but it is now in alpha.

So far, I've gotten my NOIR script, which the library reads and interprets to easily accomodate protocol sends of hotline ( which i demonstrated for convenicece)
Currently I'm testing it out, and also porting to NOIR. I need someone to develop a good webpage, because mine is crap and I need someone to also help me port the modules to java, for the sake of cross platform.

Posted by jon wong 2002-05-30


OK, today, I just got approved after being rejected:) I've already done some work on this before hand. I have hotline, both the server and client handy so i decided to start to reverse or figure out the protcol. I HAVE GOTTEN ALL THE WAY THROUGH LOGGING IN AND THE AGREEMENT if u know what I mean. I also have MIRC, FTP, MOprheus, Direct Connect and othe File transfer clients and servers that I would also like conglomerate into the library, WHICH IS THE PROJECT! THE LIBRARY IS THE PROJECT! not the external program that shells it. Please take the survey, so that I can figure out if ACtive X is the way to go, or whether dlls or for u anti-Windows ppl, packages in java...or whatever u know how to write. I am open to languages and to ideas on how to do this. If u are interested take the survey and answer it and leave ur email somewhere in one of the text areas or, drop me a message read more

Posted by jon wong 2002-02-28

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