nmapsql.rc not read

  • Henry B. Tindall, Jr.

    I used the sources for 3.48 from the download page, but I still had to change the Makefile in some places, according to the README.sql. 
    I got it to compile, but now it doesn't appear to read the nmapsql.rc file mentioned in this month's Linux Journal article...  it always tries to connect to localhost, using /tmp/mysql.sock. 
    I've tried to grep for nmapsql.rc in all the source, but got nothing.
    Anybody else have this problem ??

    • Henry B. Tindall, Jr.

      Actually, the LJ article was incorrect.  If you read the README.sql (silly me), you'll find out the file should be named ~/access.sql, not ~/nmapsql.rc.

    • Hasnain Atique

      Hasnain Atique - 2004-09-25

      The README.sql file is more up-to-date than the article which was written in December 2003. I will streamline this in the new release with support for nmap 3.70


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