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nmapsql for nmap 3.75

I've just added nmapsql-0.0.8 which supports nmap 3.75. The target tagging system has been completely rewritten and a some bugs ironed out.

Posted by Hasnain Atique 2004-11-11

Nessus NBE file reader added

As an offshoot of nmap-sql, I've just added a tiny parser that reads .nbe files generated by nessus and adds it to the nessus_results table in the same nmaplog database.

I was tempted to just parse nessus' results forgoing nmaplog, but then nmap provides a bunch of other info which nessus doesn't. So I'll keep both around.

Posted by Hasnain Atique 2003-12-02

Ready-to-compile version added

Uploaded a ready-to-compile tarball of nmap-3.48 sources, with the nmapsql-0.0.2 patches already applied. Download nmap-3.48-with-sql-0.0.2.tar.gz. Make sure you run ./configure before compiling on your system.

Posted by Hasnain Atique 2003-11-16