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NetTime Version 3.1 Released

Version 3.1 of NetTime has now been released.

A list of changes can be found on:

Posted by Mark Griffiths 2012-02-26

NetTime Version 3 Beta 3 Released

NetTime Version 3 Beta 3 has now been released and is available for download.

This is the last planned beta version before releasing a Release Candidate version.

Posted by Mark Griffiths 2011-10-09

New Maintainer

Hi everyone!

I have just taken over the task of updating and maintaining NetTime.

Graham will however continue to remain on as the project owner and administrator.

An updated version is now available on the SourceForge project page, or at the new web site that I have set up:

More information about the changes included in this update can be viewed on the new web site.

If you find NetTime useful, feel free to let us know - you can create a review here on the SourceForge project page.

Posted by Mark Griffiths 2011-06-26

Notice of Abandonment

I guess it's clear to everyone at this point, since there hasn't been an update in three years, but I just wanted to state in public that the development on NetTime is discontinued.

There is no strong reason for NetTime to continue to exist at this point. Windows NT, 2000 and XP now have built-in NTP support directly from Microsoft. Windows 9X and ME are ending their supported lifespan, and if you still want to use NetTime on them, it should continue to work as long as they do.... read more

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2004-07-01

2.0 beta 6 released

Finally got time to work on NetTime for a while today. I think I've fixed all the major bugs in the package itself - the installer could still use some work, though.

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2001-08-12

2.0 Beta 4 now available

This one has a couple bug fixes. It should be much less likely to peg the CPU at 100% as previous versions did. Over the next week or so I'll be trying to knock out the remaining items on the bug list so we can have a stable 2.0 release; then I can start adding bugs back in and calling it 2.1. :-)

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2000-11-13

Back home

I got back home after my visits to Australia, China and the UK, and what did I find but a dead computer. Everything's back up and running now, and I hope to put a few hours into cleaning up NetTime bugs over the weekend.

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2000-11-08

Why no activity?

If you're wondering why no bugs or support requests are being answered, it's because I'm away from home. For pretty much the whole month of October I will be on a combination of business and personal travel to Australia, China and Turkey. Please bear with me. And if someone else wants to answer some support requests or fix some bugs, just go ahead and do it! :-)

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2000-10-04

More bug fixes: 2.0b3b

The major bug fix here is the Auto-Configure GPF. I'm in code freeze now, looking for a stable 2.0 "official" build - unless I think of something really neat. :-)

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2000-09-29

Caution! 2.0b3 has a serious bug - use 2.0b3a instead!

2.0b3 has a bug that can result in wildly incorrect time values if one of the configured servers is unreachable. Everyone who downloaded 2.0b3 is encouraged to upgrade to 2.0b3a, which also includes Auto-Config and various other things.

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2000-09-25

2.0b3 released - multiple servers!

I've just uploaded 2.0b3. It has multiple servers and fixes the handle leak / 100%-CPU bug. Download away!

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2000-09-24

Pace of development will be slow for a while

I have just started a new job as IT director of This is consuming most of my attention at the moment, so bug fixes and new development will be slow for a while. Sorry!

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2000-09-14

Beta 2.0b2 released

I've just uploaded NetTime-2b2. The major change to this version is that it now uses shared memory and signals for IPC, which should be much more reliable. It also adds a new "Find A Server" dialog and various other things.

Nobody's submitted any bugs. Come on, I know you're downloading it. Surely it can't be working perfectly for everybody!

Posted by Graham Mainwaring 2000-08-28