#97 Logfile delete after X days or Y megabytes


Logfile :

You need to be able to delete after X days or Y megabytes.

The current program approach forces one to do this manually, with the possibility of the file getting into multi-megabyte size.


  • Mark Griffiths

    Mark Griffiths - 2013-08-24

    I'll have a think about adding this in.

    For most users with the standard settings, the file shouldn't get too big at all, but if the logging level is turned up, and there is a lot of activity, then it could grow quite quickly.

    In the mean time, an alternative would be to use a scheduled task to delete/rename/move the log file on a regular basis.

  • Codegroup Project Admin

    Myself, I go in and delete the bloated log files manually.

    Not every user has their machine configuration set up to do this.

    This needed change is as much as convenience for users as sysadmins.


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