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Project News is OUT-OF-DATE!!!

Check the NCO homepage for the most recent release information. We no longer post release
information using Project News because the
process of doing so, and uploading new releases
to the sourceforge server is very tedious.
However, we continue to actively develop NCO using other sourceforge resources, e.g., CVS
and forums.

Posted by Charlie Zender 2004-01-19

NCO 2.7.1 is available

NCO 2.7.1 is now available from

All known bugs in 2.7.0 have been fixed:
ncap now correctly archives non-processed, packed variables.
Also, this version implements long options on all platforms.

Posted by Charlie Zender 2003-01-21

nco-2.2.0 is released

The netCDF operators NCO version 2.2.0 are ready.
Changes since version 2.0.0 include bugfixes and a
working (and powerful!) ncap implementation.
ncap is the netCDF arithmetic processor, an operator
which carries out arbitrary arithmetic commands on
netCDF variables and attributes using short command-line
instructions or long scripts as input.
In the fine tradition of beta quality software, ncap
is completely undocumented but see
nco/data/ for a sample run script.
NCO version >= 2.0.1 requires netCDF version >= 3.5.
Get the new version of NCO and read the User's guide on... read more

Posted by Charlie Zender 2002-02-05


The netCDF operators NCO version 2.0 are ready.
Improvements to version 1.2.2 are entirely internal.
NCO 2.x is now completely based on the netCDF 3.x API.
This should result in I/O performance gains.
NCO 1.2.x will continue to be maintained for its
ability to work with HDF4 files, but no new features
will be added.
Get the new version of NCO and read the user's guide on read more

Posted by Charlie Zender 2001-05-09

nco-1.2.2 is released

The netCDF operators NCO version 1.2.2 are ready.
User-visible improvements to version 1.2.1 include a few new
features for ncks, ncrename, and ncwa and one bugfix.
Get the new version and read the user's guide on

Summary of changes:

1. ncrename handles specific variables rather than whole file (Butowsky)
2. Weights work with ncwa in min/max/ttl operations (Zender)
3. make HDF4=Y simplifies building HDF-enabled NCO ... read more

Posted by Charlie Zender 2001-02-12

nco-1.2 is released

The netCDF operators NCO version 1.2 are ready.
There are two new features and a bunch of administrative changes,
described in lurid detail on the new NCO homepage at

The new features are largely the result of contributions from the Open
Source community. If you are interested in contributing, please visit
the homepage to learn how. NCO announcements will no longer be sent
to the CCM mailing list. There is a new, low volume, NCO announce
mailing list, containing new release announcements only, which you can
sign up to receive instead at... read more

Posted by Charlie Zender 2000-08-14

nco-1.1.48 is released

This message is only of interest to NCO users.
NCO is a toolset for the analysis of manipulation of netCDF data,
including CSM/CCM data.

nco-1.1.48 fixes a bug introduced in nco-1.1.15 (November 1998) with
ncdiff version 1.5.
The bug caused obviously incorrect answers when the broadcast feature
was used and dimensions were defined in a certain order (an order that
appears to be favored by oceanographers).
All NCO users are urged to upgrade NCO in order to avoid the potential
ncdiff bug as well as to take advantage of handy new features in ncra
and ncrcat. (The usual systems at NCAR systems have just been upgraded).... read more

Posted by Charlie Zender 2000-06-05

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