nco-1.2 is released

The netCDF operators NCO version 1.2 are ready.
There are two new features and a bunch of administrative changes,
described in lurid detail on the new NCO homepage at

The new features are largely the result of contributions from the Open
Source community. If you are interested in contributing, please visit
the homepage to learn how. NCO announcements will no longer be sent
to the CCM mailing list. There is a new, low volume, NCO announce
mailing list, containing new release announcements only, which you can
sign up to receive instead at

Future NCO releases will be announced there and on the netCDF list.

A short excerpt describing the new features:

1. The names of three of the operators have been made somewhat obsolete
because they are no longer just arithmetic averagers. ncra, ncea,
and ncwa have all been given brain transplants so that the type of
operation they perform may be specified on the command line. The
following operations are now supported by the new -y switch: average
(default), total, minimum, maximum, root-mean-square, square of the
mean, mean of the squares, square root. For example,

ncra -O -y rms -n 12,4,1 # Root-mean-square
ncea -O -y min -n 12,4,1 # Minimum
ncwa -O -y max -a lon,lat # Maxima

2. All operators may now be DODS clients. DODS enables network
transparent data access to any DODS server. Thus DODS-enabled NCO can
operate on remote files accessible through any DODS server without
transferring the files. Only the required data (e.g., the variable or
hyperslab specified) are transferred. See the User's Guide for
complete details.


Posted by Charlie Zender 2000-08-14

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