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MYIT CRM / News: Recent posts

MyITCRM1 v0.2.9.2 Released!

MyITCRM1 v0.2.9.2 Released!

Well it's been almost 12 months since our last release and the Team at MYITCRM (shoulders and geevpc) would like to officially announce that MyITCRM1- v0.2.9.2 is Released!

This release is by far the biggest release we have made. With in total more the 70 Features added and Issues resolved.

We would also like to add that MyITCRM now compatible with PHP 5.3.4 or later.

We have also updated to a new wiki software for MyITCRM's documentation. There is still along way to go with many pages and tutorials to be written so if you can spare a few minutes why not head over to the wiki site and get creating great guides. If that's not your style but would like to know other ways to help out, please read this article on how to contribute to MyITCRM.... read more

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2011-09-30

Help Wanted - PHP Developers needed

MyIT CRM is looking for energetic developers looking for a challenge or just want to brush-up some of your skills in php coding.
Experince in php is desirable but if your keen on learning it, then please join us.

Website: http:team.myitcrm.com

If you can donate an hour a year to an hour a day, any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Students learning or who want to gain some "On The Job Experience" are more then welcome to join us too.... read more

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2010-01-21

Beta Version Released.

Team MyIT CRM is proud to release the next version
The major changes to this version from is that this release now includes a upgrade process from version or later for existing users. Current users of can choose not to install/upgrade there version as it does not affect new installation of version

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-11-03

Project Update.

Well it's been some time between releases. Some of you have been eagerly awaitng the next release but due to some personal time contraints, the MyIT CRM Team have not been able to code as much as we would like too. This does not mean that the project is dead, far from it in fact. We have been spending our time testing new tools to help us code in a more uniformed way. All developers (1 currently), have started using eclipse. Eclipse is a strong programming tool with great features that our prtoject can benifit from and help us in maintaining code for the future. One feature in particular is the built in CSV code update system. As we develop and hopefully take on some new PHP dev's, we can all equally colaborate on code from a single source.... read more

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-08-04

MyIT CRM v0.2.7 Released!

The MyIT CRM Team are proud to announce the release of v0.2.7.
Over 20 issues/features have been fixed in the release. PDF generation of invoices is now available.
Please download and test it out.
You may also find some new features not listed too!.

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-05-21

MyIT CRM Version 0.2.7 - 85% complete....

The next version 0.2.7 is almost complete. There have been some major changes made to this next release which I hope that it will make it more efficent and cross browser compatible.
Currently I have completed 85% or 17/20 issues since the 0.2.6 release. This has been one of the longest between release periods since this project started but it has also been one of with the most bugs resloved too.

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-05-06

MyIT CRM v0.2.6 Released!

Due to a major bug in the scheduling tool, We have released the next version just to fix the issue.


Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-04-04

MyIT CRM v0.2.5 Released!

The MyIT CRM team are proud to announce the latest release v0.2.5. I includes mainly bug fixes but includes a new feature, Google Maps for customers location from your buisness to there address + directions and estimated travel time.

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-03-30

Google Calendar Intergration Poll

What do you think about using Google Calender from within MyIT CRM as it's primary calendar/scheduler?
Have your say by visiting https://apps.sourceforge.net/phpbb/myitcrm/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2

If you are not a member of sourceforge, you will not be able to vote but please signup and cast your vote.

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-03-25

New Screen Shots done!

I have now completed the uploading of the pictures for this project. These photos are taken using version 0.2.4

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-03-20

MYIT CRM forum - Now up and running!

I have just completed setting up the forum.
Ask all you questions there.
Simply hover your mouse over the "Hosted Apps" tab at the top of the page and click on "phpBB" our click on thei link.



Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-03-15

MYIT CRM Version 0.2.4 Released!

The latest release package for the MYIT CRM has been released.
To follow on the updates live please follow us on twitter


Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-03-02

Bug/Feature requests - Changed!

MYIT CRM is actively committed to making this software one of the best opensource,IT & Computer Repairs CRM programs.
To help us achieve this dream, we have moved all our bugs/issue tracking over to mantisBT. This is still hosted on sourceforge but it gives us better control over what fixes/features should be dealt with before future releases.
Check out MYIT CRM's development RoadMap at

https://apps.sourceforge.net/mantisbt/myitcrm/roadmap_page.php... read more

Posted by Glen  Vanderhel 2009-02-25