#145 On Windows only: exits before mp3 is finish playing

mpg123 (104)

This problem occurs on Windows XP. I haven't tried to reproduce on other versions of Windows.

Occurs with both the two latest version available for download from http://www.mpg123.de/download/win32/ : 1.12.3 and 1.11.0

Occurs with both the static and non-static versions.

Doesn't occur for all mp3 I test, but it seems to occur consistently with mp3s created with the following lame command:
lame.exe -m m -q 2 -b 64 foo.wav

I attached a sampled of an mp3 file created by the lame command. One should be able to reproduce the problem with it.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Sample mp3 that mpg123 can't ready completely on Windows

  • Thomas Orgis

    Thomas Orgis - 2013-04-21

    It might just be possible that we are in the process of fixing that. I did some changes to the win32 output that might help. But since I don't work on Windows it needs testing and probably fixing of some typo.

    Current sources are under http://mpg123.org/snapshot if you'd like to try. Perhaps our Windows devs will prepare some binaries to test, too.

  • Thomas Orgis

    Thomas Orgis - 2013-10-17
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> 0.68

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