#17 ??? in file stops scanning

paul tammes

Just validated about 650 Gb of MP3 files, marvelous tool. I found that every now and then scanning froze - halted.
Reason seems to be a filename containing one or more ? (question marks) or 'weird' characters e.g. Ivo Robić.
Since this is only in about 0.005% of the mp3 files I gladly removed the filenames from list and went on, just thought i would mention it.


  • violant

    violant - 2013-05-18

    I got the same problem, but with filename with charecter "ß". I need stop scan, delete it from list and scan again.

  • Snozz

    Snozz - 2013-09-22

    As a short term fix, I would suggest at least skipping these files if unicode characters are not supported, so that scanning can continue. Leave the status of the file as NOT SCANNED, and add a message indicating that the filename is not supported because of characters it contains.


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