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20030409 RE-RELEASE: MKS Version 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5 has been re-released as 1.0.5 (patched) - this release contans bug fixes in two areas:
1) MKS incorrectly identified itself as 1.0.4
2) There was a problem scoring items if the user had previously scored any other item.

A seperate patch is available (1.0.5b) for use by those who had previously installed version 1.0.5 prior to the publication of the patched re-release.

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-04-09

20030408 RELEASE: MKS Version 1.0.5

This release offers the following improvements over version 1.0.4:

Initial comments posted to project folders can now be scored. This allows complex documents to be evaluated by a team by posting each clause as a separate post, and allowing each to be scored and discussed by those reviewing the work.

This new feature allows you to allocate an MKS account as a 'Guest' account for one-click entry to an MKS system. This feature is demonstrated at our live test environment http://www.mirak.ca/mks/demo... read more

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-04-09

20030404 RELEASE: MKS Version 1.0.4

This release offers the following improvements over version 1.0.3:

Many screens now feature context-sensitive user help. The help system is encoded in HTML and loads very much faster than the MS Word document version released previously.

In User Preferences, all statistics and permissions are now collapsed into a tree-based folder view. In Personal Folders, clicking on folder names now opens those folders. The Address book and Knowledge browsers have also been simplified.... read more

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-04-05

20030401 ANNOUNCEMENT: MKS SSL Test Environments

In addition to the two demonstration site URLs previously published, we are pleased to announce the availability of two alternative URLs which connect to our test environments using 128 bit SSL encryption.

The full range of URLs now available for MKS demonstrations at our live test environment is as follows:

Standard User Demo:
Username: demo, Password: demo
https://webfleet.fastwebsecure.com/mirak/mks/demo... read more

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-04-01

20030331 RELEASE: MKS Version 1.0.3

This release offers the following improvements over version 1.0.2:

All pages and data now UTF-8 encoded to allow better support for other languages such as Russian - legacy data may not be correctly displayed however - please contact us if this is a problem for you. This functionality was added by the service release 1.0.2b.

Improved support for PHP 4.1.0 and later when running as a server module with php_value register_globals switched off - MKS now detects what version of PHP is in use and uses enhanced security where available... read more

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-04-01

20030327 RELEASE: MKS Version 1.0.2

The new build offers several significant improvements, including vastly simplified installation process, extended search facilities and browser display of version information for debug purposes. It also obviates a significant security weakness - a 'back door' which was in place to assist an administrator in resetting or installing a system for the first time.

Upgrading to 1.0.2 is easy, and we recommend that all new installations are version 1.0.2 or later.

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-03-27

20030327 ANNOUNCEMENT: MKS Administrator demo area

Users who wish to try out the many administrative features of the MKS on our test server, may now do so:

URL: http://www.mirak.ca/mks/demo2
Username: Administrator
Password: 000 (that's 3 zeros)
You will be able to export the data you create to your own machine by means of the Database Export function available to system administrators.
Of course, all the functions available to a normal user are available to an Administrator by default.... read more

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-03-27

20030325 ANNOUNCEMENT: Quality Assurance Process Launch

As the MKS system grows ever more powerful and complex, the MKS Forum is now actively seeking testers to assist in maintaining and improving the reliability and usability of the MKS system.

If you have formal Software Testing expertise you are willing to offer, and a few hours of time to donate for this exciting Open Source development, we'd very much like to hear from you.

Please see our Job Posting at http://sourceforge.net/people/viewjob.php?group_id=76532&job_id=13536 for further details.

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-03-25

20030324 ANNOUNCEMENT: Planned activity

To help keep our users and potential development partners up to date with our R&D process, we will periodically release notes on planned development activity. Some of the results of the work items listed should find their way into our next release.
This is the first of these announcements.

Creators of knowledge cannot edit shared items after release, nor change the people or groups to whom items are shared. Work will be done to correct this omission, and to merge the functions of creating, editing and reading knowledge into one streamlined code module.... read more

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-03-24

20030323 RELEASE: MKS Version 1.0.1

MKS Version 1.0.1 was publically released at sourceforge.net on 22/03/2003, and we invite comments, suggestions and bug reports from new and existing users - those installing MKS for the first time and those upgrading their installations from Version 1.0.0.

Version 1.0.1 offers the following significant improvements over the initial public release:

Users may now search for suitable participants for their Projects and other MKS supported activities(including Issues Resolution Projects, Discussion Forums ane messages) by searching MKS User Profiles.
Users can modify or remove their own profile attributes at any time through their user preferences page. ... read more

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-03-23

20030317 ANNOUNCEMENT: New MKS Interface Project

After publishing an initial Beta release of the Mirak Knowledge System Version 1.0.0 on 15/03/2003 (test site at http://www.mirak.ca/mks/1.0.0\), from this date onwards new development work on the MKS will now be handled by two project areas:

* MKS Core Systems architecture improvements (PHP / SQL / XML) will be co-ordinated at a new project site http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/mks
* MKS Interface design and implementations projects (XML / HTML / FLASH / SHOCKWAVE / JAVA) will now be co-ordinated at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/mks-sourceforge. The initial 1.0.0 release made available at that location has now been moved to the MKS Core Systems project area.... read more

Posted by Martin Francis 2003-03-17

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