#1971 MinGW-Get GUI Review/Ideas for making it Awesome ^_^ :D :D


Hi Keith,
I tried out the new version of MinGW-Get you just released ^_^ :D

Either by the executing the (by cmd or double-clicking the exe):
directly... Both load the GUI just fine :D

I would like to suggest quite a few ideas/suggestions/tweaks loi :D ^_^.

Using multiply tabs/menu/ at the top or side or selections from that left pane..
Have all MinGW packages listed in its own side menu/tab/button/something, another for all the MSYS packages.

then have an independent tab to have Dev-Pack support like the ones used in
Dev-C++ (I liked this old app I used it way back when v4.9.9.2 , 2005-2007) ^^
that will make it so some one can manage there entire MinGW dev environment installation via the MinGW-Get GUI ^

Side Pane (left side)
-> All packages
-> MinGW packages
-> MSYS packages
-> Dev-packs (requires in settings, URL(s)(for specifying multiply Dev-pack repositories) and configuration layout,
dev-packs could have there own settings tab with a settings dialog box.
-> etc

While looking it over I noticed that the Settings (drop-down-menu) was not
click-able (ie. no settings, because still in early development).

I also noticed that the GUI's window size(and/or maximized), position, and column widths, are not saved when exiting the GUI app.

another note, when using the up and down arrow keys or scroll wheel on the mouse,
do so does not change what package data is being displayed in the bottom pane/tabs,
only mouse clicking on a package changes the data being displayed.

SPACE-BAR and RETURN-KEYs, do not cause highlighted package to be selected as they could be, this would be a good feature :D.

HOME, END, PG.UP, PG.DOWN, keys work fine for scrolling the whole list (no change in package selected/displayed)

a settings tab for keyboard shortcuts. ^_^ :D :D

Possible having it so the text in the lower info tabs are selectable for copy and pasting say into a web browser.

The info tabs below could use a bit of tweaking for easy of reading displayed info:
-> SubSystem: mingw32
-> Package Name: mingw32-mingw-get
-> Component Class: bin

-> Sub-System : mingw32
-> Package Name : mingw32-mingw-get
-> Package Name: mingw32-mingw-get <-- or this, tweaking the position of 'name'.
-> Package Name : mingw32-mingw-get <-- or this, tweaking the position of 'name'.
-> Component Class: bin

-> Installed Version: mingw-get-0.6-mingw32-hg-20130510-1-bin.tar.xz
-> Repository Version: mingw-get-0.6-mingw32-hg-20130510-1-bin.tar.xz

It becomes easier to read the displayed info. :D :D

->help-->>about mingw-get (Dialog box)::
could use click-able URL link(s). :D

odd behavior issue, o_O lol:
while rapidly scrolling and clicking via mouse, no-package-selected is displayed in lower tab, however when switching via alt-tab to Notepad++ as I am writing this here text loi and ALT-TABING back the display is updated showing the correct data/details for that package.

ooh I just had another idea ^_^ :D :D:
package search functionality :D
Side Pane (left side)
-> All packages
-> MinGW packages
-> MSYS packages
-> Dev-packs
-> search packages (brings up a search box top of the list pane. with options for selecting details of searching including,
- TYPES of packages to include in search (release, release-candidate, beta, dev, alpha, etc.
- search package names, file-names, details/descriptions, dependencies, version info, URLs, package archive type, etc. :D

not too bad looking for early development of the GUI :D
and the GUI will go a long way to making it easier to maintain
and update a programmers development environment ^_^

PS: lol I had a quite a bit ideas that just poured out all at once, so please excuse the formatting lol :D.

ps2: I'll make my suggestion/review/ideas post here for now if you want me to post it some where else I can do that, it may take 1 day or 2 (limited to 1.5 Hrs at my Local Public Library)


  • Melchior

    Melchior - 2013-05-15

    I unfortunately over looked it when I made the ticket..
    but the, Category: Unknown
    should be, Category: Feature_request

    • Earnie Boyd

      Earnie Boyd - 2013-05-15

      FYI, the Category should remain as Unknown, it is more for the developers use. The Type is Feature which is the indicator of the type of request.

      • Melchior

        Melchior - 2013-05-16

        ok thx for the info Earnie :D.

        Last edit: Melchior 2013-05-17
        • Earnie Boyd

          Earnie Boyd - 2013-05-16

          Wow, I had a hard time finding the "Send a message" link. I'll message you about the question, it is OT here.

          • Melchior

            Melchior - 2013-05-17

            I removed the OT question. I'd delete the my post if I could but that question was a ps: so it was easier enough to delete just that text.

            • Earnie Boyd

              Earnie Boyd - 2013-05-17

              I raised a support ticket to SF about the missing Send a message link. That led me to allura:tickets:4725 which needs voted up. It also led me to create a Private Message (Discussion tool) where I can read the messages and no one else on my /u/earnie page.

              • Melchior

                Melchior - 2013-05-18

                Nice :D I voted up that ticket :D.
                PM tool? nice... how can I... oh do I just send u pm and u can read and respond to them from your page? almost like the Instant-messaging apps like the one in Facebook? but more like PMs? ^_^

  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2013-05-15
    • labels: mingw-get-gui, mingw-get --> mingw-get-gui
    • status: unread --> assigned
    • assigned_to: Keith Marshall
  • Melchior

    Melchior - 2013-08-15

    Hi its been a long time,

    I was checking back to see if Keith had a chance to take a look at my ideas for improving the MinGW GUI?

    • Keith Marshall

      Keith Marshall - 2013-08-16

      I thought I had already replied, but I don't see it now; perhaps another response "dropped on the floor", by SF? However, I have certainly replied, on at least two occasions, to similar critiques posted on the MinGW-Users mailing list, (which, I think, may be a better forum for such discussion, in any case).

      I will add just a few comments here:

      1. I found your "blunderbuss" style of presentation difficult to follow, and even more difficult to organize for rational response.

      2. Your ideas for handling the left hand pane are, mostly, already incorporated into the most recent mingw-get snapshots.

      3. Dev-Paks are not, and unlikely ever to be, a format supported by MinGW.org; that said, I understand that they are basically tarballs, so mingw-get should already provide an infrastructure which would allow some other project to contribute such support, via a "foreign" repository. The onus for configuration and maintenance of such a "foreign" repository, and for instructing users in how to deploy it, would lie entirely with said other project.

      4. I plan to add a search facility, at some stage, but I can't currently say when; it will likely appear as a control, on the planned but yet to be added tool bar.

      5. I will consider your suggestion for tabulation of (some of) the information presented in the lower right hand pane; (not that such tabulation is readily apparent in your unformatted example; I hope I've grasped your intent correctly).

      6. I will consider patches, to support copy and paste from this same display pane; I currently have no plans to implement any such feature myself.

  • Melchior

    Melchior - 2013-08-17

    MinGW-Users mailing list?
    I can re-post it all there I guess if you want at some point when I have more time...(I use the internet at my public library as I do not have internet at home, I get 90 minutes each day the Library is open so Mon-Sat.).

    1. Sry lol... It just the way my mind works It spills/pours out and I write it down as I go... (English was never my best, Science and Math were

    2. :( ok I do understand... hopefully others that use MinGW all the time and know more could maybe write an addon to MinGW-get GUI, because it will help get some many easier for so many other librairs

    3. ok.. that will really help sort through the very long list of packages

    ps: I'm outa time again so I'll finish my post next time I'm on which should be Monday between noon and 6pm

    I'm from Dover NH USA (born and raised, still here lol)

  • Melchior

    Melchior - 2016-04-14

    Any chance you have an update to MinGW-Get GUI in the works? its been a long time since the last release...

    Last edit: Melchior 2016-09-16
  • Melchior

    Melchior - 2017-03-13

    another feature missing from the MinGW-Get GUI is the ability to install a specific version of any package.. that would be handy when u find an upgrade as failed and programs that once compiled no longer compile or crash on load as I am now having that issue..

    I compile a Emulator called ZSNES myself :D.. it use to work just fine but for some reason

    MinGW v4.9.3-1 = ZSNES compiles but crashes on load... it use to load just fine... no changes have been made to ZSNES's src so it has to be an issue with MinGW :(

    and with
    MinGW v5.3.0-3 = it won't even compile right.. :(

    So we could use the ability to downgrade or install a specific version of MinGW packs...


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