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MinGW Issues ticketing system

The information on this page lists the tickets that have been issued for the MinGW project. You can search for tickets that might interest you and then subscribe to those tickets and you can create a new ticket. When you create a ticket you will be presented more information in guiding you with the ticket creation. You must login to create a ticket.

Searching tickets

The SF search engine uses the Solr Lucine Query Syntax. The fields that you can search on are summary, text, ticket_num, assigned_to, reported_by, labels, status, mod_date_dt, import_id, _milestone, _type, _resolution, and _category. To specify the field to sort by add a _s to the field name, e.g. status_s. You specify the value by delimiting the field with a : and specifying a value, e.g. status:closed. To specify a value to exclude you prefix the field with a ! or -, e.g. !status:closed.

CAUTION: Those of you who have privileges please do not use the "Update Search" button. The result is immediate and there is no method to return the value other than manually modifying the search value again. I have a feature ticket open to remove the button or add an "Are you sure" feature.

NOTE: The import_id field is not displayed. It is used to find an imported ticket id. So if a ticket references a ticket with the old tracker system, you should be able to use the import_id to find the ticket referenced. I have not tried this; I've just discovered the possibility to do so.

NOTE: I have noticed and there exists SF support tickets concerning that the data returned does not excluded some cached data. I have also noticed an out-of-sync issue between the counts of tickets in a saved search and the data presented. Both conditions are a result of the same base problem and that is the cached data is not subsequently filtered with the search patterns. Eventually the cached data expires and a new result will show the proper search. The result is noticeable just after updating the meta data of the ticket.

Proper tickets

Please review Reporting Bugs before submitting a ticket with the type of Bug. Please review HOWTO Submit Patches before submitting a ticket with a "Patch attached" checked. If you have a question about "how to use" you will get the most coverage to an answer if you submit your question to the mingw-users mail list.


Word Definition
Group Package developed or delivered by the MinGW project.
Milestone Same as Group.
Status The current status of a ticket.
Owner The ticket is assigned to this SF user or null.
Creator The ticket was created by this SF user.
Created The ticket was created on this date (Y-M-D).
Updated The ticket was last updated on this date (Y-M-D).
Labels Labels manually assigned to the ticket to aid in searching similar tickets.
Resolution Used in combination with Status to further clarify the status of the ticket.
Category Used to help further clarifying the ticket.

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Type Resolution Category Patch attached Votes
2357 MingWrt v5+ introduces SSE instruction that prevents execution on non-SSE OS WSL open Keith Marshall DosFreak 2017-11-09 5 days ago WSL Support fixed IINR_-_Include_In_Next_Release False 0  
2356 Pprovide libbacktrace out of the box as it is part of GCC now Feature_requests pending Antony Polukhin 2017-10-13 2017-11-05 Feature_requests Feature none Waiting_User_Response False 16  
2353 Alternative non-SourceForge Installer INSTALLER open Armin Hadzic 2017-10-12 2017-11-28 INSTALLER Support none User_Environment_Issue False 0  
2351 OpenPrinter2 function missing WSL unread Enrico Fentzahn 2017-08-29 2017-08-29 OpenPrinter2 WSL Support none Unknown False 0  
2348 Typo in default .bash_profile OTHER pending smoothj 2017-07-07 2017-07-31 OTHER Bug none Documentation False 0  
2344 MSYS utilities very slow to start for domain users MSYS assigned Cesar Strauss Alex Freidin 2017-05-07 2017-08-31 MSYS Bug none Unknown False 0  
2338 Reference page "Official CVS Repository" is obsolete WEBSITE unread Keith Marshall 2017-02-14 2017-02-14 WEBSITE Task none Unknown False 0  
2334 zlib update from v1.2.8 to v1.2.11, MinGW package needs update OTHER unread Melchior 2017-01-19 2017-05-10 zlib, mingw32-libz OTHER Task none Unknown False 1  
2314 CONDITION_VARIABLE support WSL pending Millán Álvarez 2016-09-14 2017-07-31 headers WSL Feature limbo No_User_Response False 1  
2303 stack overflow during variable assignment with command substitution and pipe MSYS assigned Cesar Strauss teldon james turner 2016-06-10 2016-06-10 STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW MSYS Bug works-for-me Unknown False 0  
2293 resapi.h errors when _WIN32_WINNT=0x0601 OTHER pending Karl Redgate 2016-04-07 2016-04-11 OTHER Feature none Unknown False 0  
2291 msys 1.0.18 dll eats cpu, make hangs MSYS pending Jay Satiro 2016-03-22 2016-07-19 msys MSYS Bug none Waiting_User_Response False 0  
2286 cp.exe is really slow OTHER unread Chris Lovett 2016-02-23 2016-02-23 OTHER Support none Unknown False 0  
2270 MSYS/popen/vfork broken -- MSYS unread aabatpurdue 2015-08-18 2015-08-18 MSYS Bug none Unknown False 0  
2265 Incorrect displaying of pasting from the clipboard when the text contains cyrilic chars OTHER unread Andrey Bushman 2015-07-14 2015-07-14 OTHER Bug none Unknown False 0  
2262 [patch] add Registry API functions and macros introduced in Windows Vista OTHER assigned Keith Marshall Sebastián Puebla 2015-07-02 4 hours ago OTHER Feature none Unknown True 0  
2259 Source install fails download of libiconv INSTALLER unread Jorge J. Pareja 2015-06-10 2015-06-10 INSTALLER Bug none Unknown False 0  
2255 cannot install mingw-get: *** ERROR *** OTHER unread Ricardo Halla II 2015-04-08 2017-08-23 OTHER Bug none Unknown False 0  
2248 commctrl.h: NMPGSCROLL.fwKeys uses wrong type WSL pending dkl 2015-01-03 2017-02-15 WSL Support none Unknown False 0  
2247 GUImain.exe -- Segmentation fault -- WinXP-Pro-64bit OTHER unread Melchior 2015-01-01 2017-03-13 mingw-get-gui, segfault, MinGW, mingw-get OTHER Bug none 64bit_readiness False 0  
2243 libtool does not handle spaces in destination path OTHER unread Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-11-10 2014-11-10 OTHER Bug none Unknown False 0  
2241 mingw-get improvements INSTALLER unread Hans Fr. Nordhaug 2014-11-03 2015-02-07 INSTALLER Feature none Unknown False 0  
2240 ssh is incredibly slow (compared to cygwin ssh and PuTTY) MSYS unread Jan Dittberner 2014-10-27 2014-10-27 performance MSYS Bug none Unknown False 0  
2239 Invalid executable produced when linking in a custom section OTHER unread Gintautas Miliauskas 2014-10-10 2014-10-10 OTHER Bug none Unknown False 0  
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