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SuperCollider language example contains an example of how Meloncillo could be used with the SuperCollider language client. It shows how to receive the transmitter trajectories in realtime via OSC, and how they could be read out (the example just draws the transmitter animation in a separate GUI window).

Posted by sciss 2008-04-03

Bounce Problems

i just discovered an issue when bouncing, where scsynth would immediately exit with

"Exited with return code 10"

; this is likely due to a console problem with scsynth on mac os 10.3 (panther) introduced somewhere in summer 2005.

you can fix the behaviour by installing an older build. i was successful with the build SC3.2005.04.26 (the last one before meloncillo 0.74 was released) as published on the wesleyan site:... read more

Posted by sciss 2006-04-12

0.741 fix!

0.74 has been replaced by 0.741 which is identical but includes a file that was accidentally removed (scripted_spat.mxb)!

Posted by sciss 2005-06-02

0.74 release

in terms of the application, this is a minor update with few changes. however, the MeloncilloMaxBridge which allows communication between Meloncillo and Cycling '74 Max/MSP has been updated. There's only one plug-in now that utilitizes it, the Spat~ Control, which requires an installation of the IRCAM Spat~ software. This plug-in allows spatialization using amongst other binaural and ambisonics techniques, optionally combined with reverberation.

Posted by sciss 2005-06-01

0.731 bugfix

0.731 fixes a problem when csound is not found upon startup (missing locale strings). also a tendency mask trajectory filter is included which was "lost" in 0.73 for some reason.

Posted by sciss 2005-04-29

0.73 release

the new version 0.73 is out now. the release is packaged into a single platform-independant installer and should be more user-friendly. see the 0.73 release notes for a list of changes.

Posted by sciss 2005-04-27