Bounce Problems

i just discovered an issue when bouncing, where scsynth would immediately exit with

"Exited with return code 10"

; this is likely due to a console problem with scsynth on mac os 10.3 (panther) introduced somewhere in summer 2005.

you can fix the behaviour by installing an older build. i was successful with the build SC3.2005.04.26 (the last one before meloncillo 0.74 was released) as published on the wesleyan site:

i'm not sure if this problem occurs on tiger or linux or windows.


another issue may be out-of-memory error, especially with big matrix sizes, i.e. 24 receives and 32 transmitters and such. in this case, when bouncing fails due to memory lack (increasing the java VM memory size doesn't help unfortunately), you can split the bounce into two parts, by muting half of the transmitters. this is a bit annoying of course since you'll have to mix the resulting files together once more.

i'll try to address these issues when working on an update ; it's unclear when i'll have time to work on it.

best, -sciss-

Posted by sciss 2006-04-12

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