#78 Better SVG support

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  • Oddegamra

    Oddegamra - 2013-09-30

    P.S. Thumbnails sidebar of Comix, by itself, should be restored, it is much better than the one of MComix, IMHO.

    I don't remember doing much to the sidebar, other than adding threading for better loading times. Is there anything I'm missing that makes Comix' version better?

    • Phixy

      Phixy - 2013-09-30

      There are two issues:

      • Images in Thumbnails Sidebar, smaller than thumbnail size of Thumbnails Sidebar, are not stretched in MComix.

      • Comix has page numbers placed on thumbnail images which saves space and, in my opinion, it is, also, prettier.

      • asl97

        asl97 - 2013-10-01

        it not really placed on (top of it), it placed in the thumbnail images('s data)
        so not only would it need to resize (that right, it isn't stretched, it resized*) the image,
        it would also need to edit and add those page number. (complex)

        the big different between the comix and mcomix sidebar would be that mcomix show the total length of the sidebar when opening an archive while comix would "slowly" load all the page and add to the sidebar

        so having the number apart from the thumbnail, it would be possible to know the total number of page just by scrolling the sidebar all the way down, not only that, comix seem to need to reload the whole thumbnail when you turn off or on the page number just to add or remove it**.

        although, having more option is nice like getting to chose where the page number appear and if we want the thumbnail to be resize.

        * if it is stretched, it would be kind of impossible to add such a clear page number
        ** a other prove that the number is place in the thumbnail data


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