#13 Proposed Updates to the startup script

Cliff Yapp

You've put in a mechanism for avoiding the default
output from the various lisp implimentations (good) but
we might want to have at least one line telling the
user what lisp implimentation they are using - they
might want to know. Also, we can probably take out the
date on which Maxima was compiled? I can't imagine why
that would matter, and if someone wanted. Or, better
still, we could have a -v for maxima, i.e.:

[bash]$ maxima -v
Version: 5.9
Compiled: Mon Jan 14 11:01:18 CST 2002
Platform: x86 Linux
Available Lisps:
GCL (GNU Common Lisp) Version(2.5.0)
CMU Common Lisp 18c
License: GPL
and anything else relevant.

Also, I'm not sure we need the with enhancements label
any more - Maxima now is the current system, not
another system with Bill's enhancements added. Not
that I want to avoid giving full credit to him, but
maybe something like this would be good?

Maxima 5.6 running on Clisp 2.27
MIT Project Mac, W. Schelter, et. al.
Licensed under the GNU General Public License

With this setup, detailed info is available, each
session records the conditions under which it is
running, and the whole display is cleaned up a little.


  • Cliff Yapp

    Cliff Yapp - 2005-02-23

    Logged In: YES

    Completely outdated - banner system in place is fine.

  • Cliff Yapp

    Cliff Yapp - 2005-02-23
    • status: open --> closed

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