#4 lxr configuration for multiple projects?



I've just installed lxr 0.9.1 and it runs smooth. But
configuring lxr properly is still a cumbersome task :)
You mention that 'baseurl' selects one config block,
now my question is can I add multiple blocks to get
lxr running for more than one project without
generating 10 databases and 10 copies of the lxr
executables? genxref exits with an error when I try to
do this

./genxref --url=http://mylxr.srv/lxr/mpeg4itec --
syntax error at configuration file line 195, near "}


I attach a lxr.conf of my configuration attempt on

Another thing on the INSTALL document: You deleted a
couple of lines from the original document posted by
Guido, that is, the part about moving the stuff in lib
to a directory in the Perl search path.

Thanks for your help,


  • Bernhard Penz

    Bernhard Penz - 2002-02-14


  • Malcolm Box

    Malcolm Box - 2002-02-18

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    You certainly can add multiple blocks, but you will need a
    separate database for each one (ie you will have to create
    multiple databases, lxr-1, lxr-2 etc). You may not need to
    have the executables around multiple times - it should be
    sufficient to add more <Alias> lines to your httpd.conf,
    since lxr uses the URL passed from Apache to work out what
    config block to use. However, I have never tried this.

    The problem with your lxr.conf file is that you are missing
    a comma between the two blocks. This file is evaluated by
    Perl as an anonymous hash declaration (because of the outer
    {} brackets) and so each element in the hash must be
    separated by a comma.

    For the config doc, having lib/LXR on your Perl path should
    no longer be necessary as the .htaccess file adds it
    automagically. If this is not working for you then file a bug.

  • Malcolm Box

    Malcolm Box - 2002-02-18
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