#14 genxref fails on specific file - 'SimpleParse' error


When running genxref on a CVS repository I have, I get
the following error:
Can't call method "getline" on an undefined value
at lib/LXR/SimpleParse.pm line 99.

The previous line states the file it was currently
referencing with a number that I have been unable to
determine the significance of that value. When
starting genxref again, the same file is not flagged
with the error but another file is with a similar type
of error. (I assume this file is skipped because its
determined that the file has already been referenced.)
At times, I can see the previous file before the error
was the last file genxref stopped at.

I have installed LXR 0.9.2 and swish-e 2.2.3 and mySQL
is being used as the database. I am approaching about
10 times where the genxref has errored and the swish
index files have not been created.


  • Mark

    Mark - 2003-11-08
    • labels: --> Configuration
    • status: open --> closed
  • Mark

    Mark - 2003-11-08

    Logged In: YES

    After some review of the code, I determined that this
    problem was that the "temp" directory (config - 'tmpdir')
    did not exist and caused this error. To be specific, I
    specified the directory /tmp/lxr but did not create the
    "lxr" directory. As soon as it existed, things worked as

    Might be a good enhancement to create a directory in "tmp"
    for use by lxr.


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