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#14 CSS support

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This patch modifies current source, so that support CSS
much more then the current main trunk version (where
the css support is actually almost zero).

Apply as patch -p0 < lxr-css.patch in the lxr
directory; make sure, that directory ../lxr doesn't
exist (if you have more then one copy).

Template stylesheet file is templates/lxr.css. The
stylesheet to be used is defined in the configuration
file near the header and footer templates.

The template $stylesheet is supported while the header
template is expanded. See html-head.html for more.

My goal was to fix all places, where markup is
generated from code. 80% of changes affects the link
(<a>) output. I extended the prototype of the 'fileref'
function and Co. The second parameter of those
functions is the style to be used (put into the 'class'
attribute). I fixed all references to those call over
all the code.

The remaining 20% are changes related to the rest of
the generated markup. i used the <span> tag for formating.

- templates vs. generated code: some pages are
generated completely (e.g search results, so user have
no chance to change them. To make this situation
better, I ... (see next bullet)
- I removed the <ul> and <li> tags in the ident page
(where references to searched symbol are displayed), so
browsers, such is Lynx, could have problems. As I said
above, the better solution would be the template
support for this page.
- Glimpse searches are not supported yet
- I didn't understand all stuff in the 'markupfile'
function. The highlighted files work well, but I didn't
get, what are the other formats good for
- Perl comments may be formatted incorrectly (just
feeling :)
- I used my favorite colors and non-underlined links,
somebody else may dislike it
- I changed the header template, so tables are used;
however formatting of the menu (modes) is still a bit ugly
- I added as few class specs. into templates as
possible, some work is to be done here

I'm looking forward to hear your comments



  • Pavel Hlavnicka

    Pavel Hlavnicka - 2001-09-03

    The initial patch

  • Pavel Hlavnicka

    Pavel Hlavnicka - 2001-09-12

    Logged In: YES

    The second version of patch introduces ident page redesign.
    At this time template is used, configuration holds new item
    for ident templates specification (see templates/lxr.conf).

    Simple template is included.

    This allows better formatting of the ident page.

    This patch is a replacement for prior one, so apply it to
    head CVS version.

  • Pavel Hlavnicka

    Pavel Hlavnicka - 2001-09-12

    Replacement of lxr-css.patch

  • Malcolm Box

    Malcolm Box - 2001-09-27
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mbox
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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