#34 Fails to build on QNX 6.3.2

Matt Kraai

LPRng 3.8.A fails to build on QNX 6.3.2 due to two problems:

* configure does not realize that it needs to include "-lsocket" in LIBS because QNX does not provide libnsl.
* In src/common/stty.c, the declaration of s_term_dat uses the uint type, which isn't defined.

The former problem appears to be fixed already in CVS, but the latter is still outstanding. I worked around it by changing the occurrences of "uint" to "unsigned int".


  • Matt Kraai

    Matt Kraai - 2008-11-14

    In addition to the build problems, lpd hangs the first time it tries to print something because tcdrain never returns if it's called immediately after writing to the parallel port. I worked around this by editing config.h so that it didn't define HAVE_TCDRAIN. The resulting lpd executable still appeared to work but didn't hang.

  • Bernhard R. Link

    • status: open --> closed
  • Bernhard R. Link

    changed uint to unsigned int in CVS

  • Matt Kraai

    Matt Kraai - 2009-01-13

    Have any changes been made to address the tcdrain hang? If not, should this be reopened or should I file a new report to address it?


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