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fixes and more ....

It was very quit the last time. I was a bit very busy so some work had to wait, some for too long. today i added some fixes. Any user should try the lasted git to see if the current fixes have unexpected side effects.
fix SSL auth
clear MD5 internal propperly
* make sure ended children are removed from the list

Posted by grumpf_ 2015-12-21

moving to git

Due to popular demand we will move to git. NTL we are and were very happy with CVS. The one and only reason we will do this is actually the hint of the sourceforge team that they will close the CVS service in future.

Posted by grumpf_ 2011-02-19

LPRng-3.8.A final released !

the lprng team proudly announces that LPRng-3.8.A has reached final status.

This release brings several build fixes, bug fixes, updated documentation and new languages.

people using RC4 do not need to upgrade since there are no changes since RC4.

Posted by grumpf_ 2008-05-01

released lprng-A-rc2

Yet an other RC please check an report trouble.
If no bugs found this will become the final version.

Posted by grumpf_ 2008-01-24

lprng-3.8.29-RC3 is out!

The latest version contains an further inproved autoconf mechanism. Preparation for the upcoming
new I18n support.
It builds now realy fast ! download and Test !

Posted by grumpf_ 2007-06-05

LPRng-3.8.29 RC 2 is out

The new autoconf system is up and running. Look also for several documentation fixes.
Several unused files have been moved

Posted by grumpf_ 2007-02-19

LPRng-3.8.29 RC 1 is out

The first release candidate of LPRng-3.8.29 is out.
After being dormant for some time we are proud to announce the first bugfix release.
Some known problems still persist but this should be ok for the first release.

Posted by Bernhard R. Link 2006-12-13

Lprng on track for next Release

lprng has now filled the CVS and is working heavly on the first maintenance since long time.
The mailing list is now online and we are ready to for the next crewmen to arrive.

Posted by grumpf_ 2006-11-10

Under New Management

After 2 years of standstill the lprng project has a new management. It will take some time to make the new home comfortable so be patient.

CUPS is a nice project also but we learned there
are a lot of lprng users that have a stable system
running and want to keep it.
We encourage everyone interested in lprng to join our forums/mailinglist and help us and other users to create a new community.

Posted by grumpf_ 2006-10-16

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