MSVC++ 6 Compilation

  • Rishi Sahel

    Rishi Sahel - 2008-12-10

    Hi friends,

    I'm not sure how often these forums are checked, so my hopes are not high, but hopefully I am wrong!

    I have tried compiling log4cpp v1.0 with MSVC++6, but have been experiencing some issues. Firstly, there seemed to be many files missing from the actual package. None of the folders in msvc6 that had the text "stlport" in them were included. I went to the repository and found these folders and copied them to the appropriate directories. Obviously none of these were source files. They were just project files, but since they were required by msvc6.dsw, I found it strange that they were not included.

    That was easy enough, but now after having all the required files, I am faced with compilation errors! Most seem to be of the format
    "f:\development\dax\log4cpp-1.0\include\log4cpp\factoryparams.hh(85) : error C2893: Failed to specialize function template 'const class log4cpp::details::required_params_validator &__thiscall log4cpp::details::required_params_validator::operator ()(c ..."

    Please let me know if you need more info.

    Anyways... I haven't gone and tried to make any modifications here, because I assumed that if I have done everything correctly, the workspace should compile "as is". Can anyone please direct me towards my problem. I've done some google searching to find others who I would have expected to encounter the same issue, but it looks like I'm pretty much alone here!

    Thank you kindly!


    • darkangel

      darkangel - 2008-12-10

      Please try current CVS version. It has fixes for your problem.

    • darkangel

      darkangel - 2008-12-10

      dsw is probably still broken but sources has fixes for MSVC 6


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