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looking for new maintainer

Hello log4cpp users and developers,

after some years of active maintainance of the log4cpp project with many fun it's now time to give back the maintainer position.

Why? Live changes and I got a new position in my firm. Together with my family I didn't have enough time to do this job.

I hope there will be others to do this.

It was a interesting time to develop and maintining this project. Thanks!

- waffel

Posted by Thomas Wabner 2009-12-02

log4cpp 1.0 released

This release uses the release version 1.0 because the log4cpp library is very stable over many years.

This release includes many bugfixes and enhancements which makes the library very stable and much more useful for any cpp project which need a nice logging framework.

Under the ohloh website you may find some useful informations about the code history and other useful information. (http://www.ohloh.net/projects/3598?p=log4cpp).... read more

Posted by Thomas Wabner 2007-09-03

log4cpp-0.3.5rc3 bugfix release

This release includes now the missing Manipulator.hh file.

Posted by Thomas Wabner 2005-07-29

new release

This release contains small bugfixes and improvements.

Hope you get it. For more informations please have a look into the ChangeLog and don't hesitate to inform us, if there are any problems.



Posted by Thomas Wabner 2005-06-01

new release available

We are very happy to bring out a new release since 2002-10-29 with many bugfixes and code cleanups.

We hope you get it.

Happy logging!

Posted by Thomas Wabner 2005-04-19

new homepage

Hi developers and users,

log4cpp has a new homepage! Simple click on the homepage item on sourceforge or follow here: http://log4cpp.hora-obscura.de

I have decided to use a wiki system where any user can help us to create more documentation and where it should be easier to discuss some items.

Currently anonymous posts are disabled. Please create an account to add some content on the homepage. This makes it easier to track down some things and to mail you, if we should discuss your post.... read more

Posted by Thomas Wabner 2005-02-14

Looking for new maintainer

Hi log4cpp developers and users,

Lately people have been wondering whether log4cpp is still an active project.
So, is the log4cpp project dead?
No, no, no, it's not dead, it's, uhm, dormant, yeah that's it! It's just resting for a while....

The are two reasons for this 'sleep':

1) log4cpp has matured enough to satify the logging needs for our inhouse software development at LifeLine Networks. So, at work I don't have the time to work on improving log4cpp. Especially since most C++programs we have will be phased out in favour of Java implementations (using log4j).... read more

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2004-02-02

log4cpp 0.3.0 introduces MT support

WARNING: this release is a 'work in progress' and may fail to build, crash or redecorate your desktop.

Added experimental support for multi threaded applications. This implementation uses omniORB4s threading library. Other threading libraries, such as Boosts, may be used as well, but this has not been implemented yet.

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2002-02-18

log4cpp 0.2.5 adds support for Borland C++ Builder

Log4cpp 0.2.5 has been released. The most notable change from 0.2.4 is the inclusion of support for Borland C++ Builder 5. New project member Uwe Jaeger is the maintainer for this platform.
See the release notes and ChangeLog for more info.

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2001-06-12

log4cpp 0.2.3 released

This release fixes all open bugs and adds threshold and custom filtering to appenders.

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2001-04-09

log4cpp 0.2.2 adds Win32 support

Log4cpp 0.2.2 has been released, containing support for compilation on the Win32 platform with MSVC++ 6.0. I'm looking for a volunteer to maintain support of this platform: without I'll very likely break Win32 support because I can't test it myself.

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2001-03-04

log4cpp 0.2.1 released under LGPL

Version 0.2.1 of log4cpp is available now. The most noteable change is a license switch from GPL to LGPL. Also an Appender for Marc Welz's IDSA system has been added.

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2001-02-15

log4cpp 0.2.0 released

log4cpp 0.2.0 is available for download from http://log4cpp.sourceforge.net/releases/ (and not the regular download page, due to problems with upload.sourceforge.net).
This release introduces an autoconf/automake build and install including shared library support.

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2000-12-11

log4cpp v.0.1 released

Added API documentation, NDC (Nested Diagnostic Context), OstreamAppender and SyslogAppender.

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2000-12-07

log4cpp API Docs added

DoxyGen generated API Docs have been added to the log4cpp site and CVS repository.

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2000-12-05

log4cpp v0.0 released

First import of log4cpp to CVS, release 0.0

Posted by Bastiaan Bakker 2000-12-04

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