cmake updates for log4cpp

  • Alejandro Dobniewski

    Hi. I have been using log4cpp for a while and to be honest I was a little surprised for the recent release and the migration to the git repository. I would like to contribute a little.
    In my project I'm using cmake and had some problems integrating with autoconf. It would be nice to be able to use log4cpp as a cmake subproject. I have made some improvements based on Orocos fork of log4cpp ( that already uses cmake as the primary project generator. Also I included some changes of my own.
    With this change
    I would like to contribute this work. What is the procedure for that? send a patch somehow?
    The change is not big and doesn't interfere with autoconf, much like the current status.


  • Alexander Perepelkin

    Hello Alejandro,

    Thank you for your interest. Some time ago Orocos people already expressed intention to merge log4cpp with their fork and introduce cmake building too.
    Let me inform them about your proposal and we will decide what to do next. I really would not want that two people did the same job.
    By the way, are your improvements to the Orocos' cmake huge? May be it is better to merge Orocos' current first and your updates later?

    Kind regards,

  • Alejandro Dobniewski

    No, they are small improvements. Also I didn't want just to replace the configuration with Orocos's one because there may be small differences between the projects so I started cherry picking changes.
    For example I added a couple of test cases and had to modify the doxygen target.
    It should be easy to merge the projects, at cmake level at least.
    Outside cmake configuration, I don't remember if the code changes between the projects are significant but I don't think so.
    I didn't test Windows because I don't have a visual c++ compiler available.
    There a little more work needed to customize the build. For example to build static libraries, graphviz support, etc. Some options that configure currently supports.


  • Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda


    I did a merge between both projects, but it should be tested. Please, could you look here:

    and it's the github branch.

    I accept pull request with all your adds.


  • Alexander Perepelkin


    Thank you for this.
    Have you tried to build the project?

  • Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda

    I hate the forums!!!

    I didn't realize about the question.

    I built the project in GNU/Linux. I would need some tester on Windows. I think this should be continue on maillist.


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