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The steps for using LUP are pretty straight forward. However, for admins who are new to it, having a step-by-step guide to refer to can be reassuring.

This guide assumes that you are already familiar with WSUS in general, and are interested in learning how to create and deploy what MS refers to as Local Updates. Microsoft’s MSDN pages on the subject are a little thin on specifics.

The sections in this guide that talk about how to customize updates use ORCA. ORCA is not a user-friendly application. However, it is Microsoft’s tool for working with MSI files, and it’s free. If you do not intend to customize updates, or you intend to use another program for editing the installer files, you don't need to learn about ORCA.

Here are the general steps I would recommend:

  1. Download and install the LUP binaries
  2. Create and export the code signing certificate
  3. Distribute the certificate to the server and a set of test machines
  4. Create the updates you want to install
  5. Using WSUS groups, add your test machines to a specific group
  6. Approve the update for your test group
  7. Ensure that the updates install as desired
  8. Install the certificate on the rest of your machines
  9. Approve updates as desired

These steps are described in more detail as you proceed through the guide. It may be worth emphasizing the bit about testing. Whenever you define a new update, you should test it on a subset of machines before rolling out to your entire organization to ensure that business critical applications still work correctly.

Creating Update Samples



Troubleshooting LUP



Rule Sets


Compiling the application

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.


Wiki: Approve_the_update_for_your_test_group
Wiki: Approve_updates_as_desired
Wiki: Compiling_the_application
Wiki: Connecting
Wiki: Create_and_export_the_code_signing_certificate
Wiki: Create_the_updates_you_want_to_install
Wiki: Creating_Update_Samples
Wiki: Creating_WSUS_updates_for_Adobe_Flash_(v10.1)
Wiki: Creating_WSUS_updates_for_Adobe_Reader_(v10)
Wiki: Creating_WSUS_updates_for_Adobe_Reader_(v9)
Wiki: Creating_WSUS_updates_for_Firefox
Wiki: Creating_WSUS_updates_for_Java
Wiki: Distribute_the_certificate_to_the_server_and_a_set_of_test_machines
Wiki: Distributing_Hotfixes_and_MSUs_with_LUP
Wiki: Download_and_install_the_LUP_binaries
Wiki: Ensure_that_the_updates_install_as_desired
Wiki: Install_the_certificate_on_the_rest_of_your_machines
Wiki: Options
Wiki: Rule_Sets
Wiki: Rules
Wiki: Tips
Wiki: Troubleshooting_LUP
Wiki: Using_WSUS_groups,_add_your_test_machines_to_a_specific_group

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