Bryan Dam

Use MSI or MSP Installers instead of EXE files

LUP supports creating updates from MSI, MSP, and EXE files. Creating updates using EXE files is highly discouraged although there are times when an EXE is the only option. MSI and MSP files include rules created by the vendor that dictate further logic for the installed and installable rules. MSI installers are easily identified as being installed by using their product code. Only MSI installers can be uninstalled by WSUS.

Where to find MSI Installers

Vendors often wrap their MSI installers inside of an EXE file. Rather than just use the EXEs directly it is recommended that you extract the MSI and other needed files and use those to create the package. Often it is as simple as running the EXE and finding the temporary files in the temp, local settings, or application data directories.

Reason for Failed Updates

The WSUS server has limited info about why an update has failed. To see what it does have click on ‘Failed’ in the status column to get the details.


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