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  • Posted a comment on ticket #15949 on SourceForge Support

    Everything seems to have worked. Wayne's point that deleting cvs via the administrative tools did not erase the actual data turned out to be the key. There were a couple other issues, but I seem to have worked thru them. Under other circumstances I'd recommend changes to the conversion docs. But given the timing, it seems a little pointless now.

  • Posted a comment on discussion Open Discussion on DirectShow .NET

    DirectShow is primarily about showing video. It doesn't really have any 'drawing' tools. I'd be thinking along the lines of a transparent window on top of the video window, and use regular c# methods to do the drawing.

  • Committed [r187]

    Update lib reference

  • Committed [r188]

    Another deprecated method

  • Committed [r189]

    Update version #

  • Committed [r190]

    Add descriptions for new samples

  • Committed [r191]

    Clarify the readme.

  • Committed [r192]

    Remove ToDo

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