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#77 Add pitching to simpledrums

Midi (13)

It would be useful if simpledrums gained the ability to be able to set the root note and also maybe the range over which a sample could be pitched which would go some way to doing most of what people might otherwise need to use (the unsupported) Euphoria or the as yet not usable as a muse plugin samplv1 for.


  • Daniel MacDonald

    I've just compiled the latest svn because I thought this had been implemented but I think I've misunderstood what had been done.

    I could very well be wrong but it doesn't look like pitching of notes has been added to simpledrums. Instead, labels indicating the intended pitch of the various sample slots have been added for if someone has a octave or so worth of samples, each already tuned to the specified pitch they can load them into the designated slot. Thats not what I had in mind.

    As I imagined it, each sample slot in simpledrums would need at least one new control added - where it currently specifies a sample pitch, that value should be adjustable so you can make it match the pitch of the loaded sample ie its root note. If you then add notes that are higher or lower to a MIDI track thats connected to simpledrums, it scales the pitch of the sample appropriately so you only need one piano note sample to get a full piano.

    Very old-skool, 80's stuff I know but thats what I'd like. If I wanted to be using posh, pro sample sets I'd be using sfz files under Linuxsampler! :)

  • Robert Jonsson

    Robert Jonsson - 2013-04-09

    Hi Daniel,

    Yeah, I didn't update the ticket since I thought it didn't really solve what you were after.
    What I've added so far is a knob up in the mixer which allows for adjusting pitch for each sound file. So, it's useful for pitching, I had much fun with it, but I understand it's not what you are after, you want to change notes and also specify ranges.
    Many thanks for the clearer explanation.