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    Enable larger thumbnails

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    Hi Darran After enabling the alternate connection method option under prefs, there is now no delay when I click on the Connect icon in bringing up the device selection window but that is the only difference - all the other delays remain. I disabled fusefs in rc.conf then rebooted and gmtp is still working so maybe I had to enable the alternate connection mode to get things going? My phone is obviously a bit happier using the alternate mode anyway. Here's the debug info you requested:

  • Posted a comment on discussion Issues and Bugs on gmtp

    gmtp is the only FreeBSD app I've got to work with my phone, an LG G4, but it is plagued by almost unbearable delays between actions that the user would be forgiven for thinking it really doesn't/ isn't going to work at all. It does....... eventually! Hardware / software config is required to put these figures in context. These measurements were took from a System76 Gazelle Pro i7 laptop, 8GB RAM, 250GB Samsung SATA3 SSD running TrueOS with bang up-to-date packages but running MATE (1.12) instead...

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    ad-hoc cluster command execution

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    Remmina connection import

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    Hi lonely stranger! Seems you are right - this is what I get for trying stuff out...

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    Show thumbnails for files > 32 MB

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    All Skype for Business buddies marked as offline under pidgin-sipe

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