#227 internal audio editor problems


None of the functions (ie gain, mute, normalize, fade in/out) seem to work on either a selection or if I have the full wave selected.

Also, if I select a section of the wave then I'd expect the playhead to be moved to the start of the selection, for it to stop at the end of the selection and to loop the selection when loop mode is enabled but the integrated sound editor is doing none of these things currently.


  • terminator356

    terminator356 - 2012-09-07
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  • terminator356

    terminator356 - 2012-09-07

    It sounds like you are trying to edit a read-only file (say for example from
    /usr/share/sounds ?). If so, copy the file to some MusE project directory
    and make it writeable and try again.
    MusE won't do any editing on the file if not.

    Yeah, I know, MusE should probably offer to do that for you.
    Or do Copy On Write as suggested long ago by a user, which is also integral to fixing
    our Wave Part copying which currently does not actually create a copy, just a reference.
    Kick me in a while if we haven't done anything about it. COW is gonna be harder though.


  • Daniel MacDonald

    Hi terminator356!

    No, the sound wasn't read only. This looks like its a Debian / amd64 prob because I'm running the same package and Debian version (wheezy) on my netbook but there I'm running 32bit Wheezy and the internal sound editor works fine.

    I tried with both oggs and wavs of different lengths and sizes under the current Wheezy amd64 build but none of the wave editing functions worked so I'll try compiling the latest svn under wheezy soon then we'll know if this is specific to the current Deb testing builld.

    What distro do you run Terminator?

  • Daniel MacDonald

    I've now compiled the latest svn trunk under Deb Wheezy amd64 but the int wave editor functions still don't work :(


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