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I'd love to see a shopping cart integrated with the
Maybe a button under every thumbnail and detailed view
to add the image to the cart.
A separate cart view showing a thumbnail for each image
in the cart.
Next to each thumbnail the option to specify the
quantity and sizes required eg 2 6x4's and 3 5x7's.
Each size should have a cost associted with it.
Calculate subcost for each image, cost of total
shopping cart as well cost for shipping (as a constant).
And finally use the pdf library to create a pdf of the
shopping cart order (without thumbnails), but including
a header and footer. Option to email the order to a
preset email address.

I have build just something like it along with my own
version of a php album. The cart works great, however
the rest of the album is not as polished as the PHP
photo archive.

I would be happy to supply my code. Currently it uses a
MySQL db.


  • bzrudi

    bzrudi - 2004-01-31
    • priority: 5 --> 2
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bzrudi
  • bzrudi

    bzrudi - 2004-01-31

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Chrisby,

    Hmmh, there is also an feature request concerning "online
    photo ordering". Maybe it can be done together...
    First prio for now is to get the 1.0 out to the public the
    next months, so I guess it's of interest after that ;-)

    thanks bzrudi

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    im a hobby photographer and i run several websites.
    im receiving more and more requests from commercial
    publishing houses, publishers, poster sites etc who would
    like to buy several of my pictures. so far im still a hobby
    photographer - but i would like to automatize the process.
    basically i would like to see a template based image
    management system with thumbnailed galleries with an
    integrated paypal payment and image selection/download
    option. is there any chance to get this done within the
    frame of your project?
    please keep me posted zooros@iname.com
    thank you

  • bzrudi

    bzrudi - 2004-10-26
    • priority: 2 --> 1

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