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LinPHA 1.3.3 released

Works with PHP4 (>= 4.1.0) again. Fix for possible XSS Injection vulnerability in plugins and other minor cosmetics.

Posted by bzrudi 2008-03-01

LinPHA 1.3.2 released

Fix for possible LinPHA new_images.php SQL Injection vulnerability with MySQL Server >=4.1

Posted by bzrudi 2007-08-10

LinPHA 1.3.1 released

* new: Buildin log viewer
* new: Korean Translation
* fixed: Fix for newer ImageMagick versions which caused broken thumbnails
* fixed: Broken search in Maps Plugin
* improved: Usability

Posted by bzrudi 2007-07-06

LinPHA 1.3.0 released

This release adds support for Google and Yahoo Maps. As usual some improvements and fixes were done.

Posted by bzrudi 2007-02-09

LinPHA 1.2.0 released

Today we decided to released LinPHA 1.2.0 which is the third maintenance release in the 1.0 Branch. It adds a couple off cool new features and also fixes some minor bugs!

Posted by bzrudi 2006-09-02

LinPHA 1.1.1 released

Today we released LinPHA 1.1.1 which is the second maintanance release for the final 1.0. It's mostl a bugfix release!

Posted by bzrudi 2006-04-17

LinPHA 1.1.0 released

A small numbver of bugs were fixed. The Statistics plugin was rewritten and there is now basic RSS feed support available.

Posted by bzrudi 2006-02-19

LinPHA 1.0 released

After 3 years of active developing and a couple of betas and RC's we are happy to announce the final LinPHA 1.0 release.

Posted by bzrudi 2005-09-09

LinPHA 1.0RC2 released

This release fixed a couple of bugs and included some minor new features.

Posted by bzrudi 2005-07-11

LinPHA 1.0RC1 released

This release adds support for SQLite and IPTC Metadata (found in some Photoshop images). A new logging plugin, *major* speed improvements, a new permissions framework and dozens of other enhancements and fixes were done.

cheers bzrudi

Posted by bzrudi 2005-04-09

LinPHA 1.0beta3 released


due to a couple of bugs intoduced in the beta 2 release, we decided to make another beta (beta3) available today. This release fixes all reported bugs, especially with hidden folders.
All Users of earlier Versions are encouraged to upgrade to this release as it also has some nice improvements over the beta2 ;-)

Posted by bzrudi 2004-10-31

LinPHA 1.0beta2 released

we are coming closer...
The next step towards the 1.0, changes:
This release features SQL query caching, an option to send images via email, and improved overall usability, security, and design. It also provides previews for video files, enhancements in the search, admin, and stats pages, better support for IIS, and many bugfixes.

cheers bzrudi

Posted by bzrudi 2004-10-22

LinPHA 1.0beta1 released

This is the next important step towards the final 1.0!.
This release adds a new pulldown menu for easy access to all features, a new virtual 'new images' folder, support for zipped album downloads, a new mailing-list plugin, and major usability and layout improvements as well as lots of bugfixes.

Posted by bzrudi 2004-08-10

LinPHA 0.9.4 released

This release should fix all database related problems found in the previous release due to a new database abstraction layer (ADOdb).
It also featured many major speed improvements (by using image caching and faster SQL queries), shorter URLs, a guestbook plugin, HTML in comments, usability and security improvements, bugfixes, and a new translation (Swedish).

Posted by bzrudi 2004-05-24

LinPHA 0.9.3 released

this release is the next major step towards the 1.0.
Most important changes:
This release features support for the popular PostgreSQL Database Server
(SQLite coming soon), a completely rewritten md5sum based commenting system for albums and images, an improved search page which let's you even search in
EXIF information.
Improved category feature which allows multiple categories for each image, upload capabilities for registered users, autologin (remember me) and lost password support was added, greatly enhanced slideshow, possibility to add a watermark to protect your images (text or image).
A new benchmark plugin, which helps you to find the best preview size for your images, md5 encryption of passwords, improved overall security, advanced statistics page, new translation (simplified Chinese), new theme, code cleanups and countless other fixes and improvements were made. ... read more

Posted by bzrudi 2004-03-29

LinPHA 0.9.2 released

Hi all,
This release features the long awaited new user/group management, greatly improved support of video files, major speed improvements, resizeable thumbnails, higher quality of images when using "convert" and many other improvements and additions. It also works now with SAFE_MODE and OPEN_BASEDIR
restrictions (GD lib only) and comes with two new translations (Czech and Romanian).

Posted by bzrudi 2004-01-29

LinPHA 0.9.1 released

This release adds a Web-based filemanager with upload capabilities and a much more cleaner CSS layout which allows you to create your own styles by changing just one file. A new theme called iLinPHA, a new fullscreen slideshow, and support for viewing 360 degrees panorama images (PTViewer) were added. Support for "vservers" was improved, and many other fixes and improvements were made.... read more

Posted by bzrudi 2003-12-22

LinPHA 0.9.0 released

This release adds numerous additions and new features compared to the last stable 0.8.0 version. Some new core features include: Image rotating, printing feature, support for psd,tiff and bmp files, language auto detection, help system, included EXIF library, advanced statistic page, improved security, SQL DB backup feature, new Norwegian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Taiwan(big5) and Italian translations and countless other minor improvements. ... read more

Posted by bzrudi 2003-10-12

LinPHA 0.9.0pre2 released (Development)

This release adds support for printing, slideshow, language auto-detection, improved security, and many other minor additions/improvements. There is better support for convert on Windows, new French and Spanish translations, and many minor bugfixes.

Posted by bzrudi 2003-08-29

LinPHA 0.9.0pre1 released (Development)

This is the first release of the LinPHA development branch. It features some nice additions like support for smoother looking thumbnails (if GD lib supports it), multiple resolutions in Image Previews, a new "shadow" theme, and a preliminary help system.


Posted by bzrudi 2003-07-11

LinPHA 0.8.0 released

LinPHA 0.8.0 is out!

Hi, today we released the new stable version 0.8.0 of the LinPHA photo archive.
Changes include:

+ switch to new aqua look
+ new statistics page
+ requirements check during install
+ support for avi/mov/mpg files
+ improved admin section
+ new translations (Japanese/Dutch)
+ and many other improvements...

For details see Changelog

The LinPHA Developers

Posted by bzrudi 2003-06-17

Linpha 0.7.0 released

This release features new user management, support for "hidden" albums, better EXIF support, and many improvements in the admin pages. It no longer requires the register_globals=on setting (for security reasons). All reported bugs have been fixed (especially those concerning the Red Hat distribution). LinPHA is now platform independent, and is known to work even on Windows.

Posted by bzrudi 2003-05-09

LinPHA 0.6.0 released

This release now supports the display of EXIF information found in many JPEG/PNG images. The preview of thumbnails should work now even if PHP is configured with magic_quotes_runtime ON. Thumbnails are now created in truecolor (GD Lib). There is better support for Mac OS X as well as many speed/design/usability improvements. German and
Danish translations were made.

Posted by bzrudi 2003-03-19

LinPHA 0.5.1 (bugfix) released

LinPHA is an easy to use, multilingual, flexible photo/image archive/album/gallery written in PHP. It uses a MySQL database to store information about your pictures. It comes with a HTML based installer, so you don't need experience in setting up SQL DB. The 0.5.1 release includes fixes for all previously-reported bugs.

Posted by bzrudi 2003-02-21

LinPHA 0.5.0 released

This release includes a new improved installation (portnumber/access type of DB/table prefix), a new search page where you can query photos by category, description, comment, or filename, and a hit counter with IP blocking and more. There are some design and usability improvements and bugfixes.

Posted by bzrudi 2003-02-13