#14 Build problems in Visual Studio

Portability (5)

1) All instances of "inline" need to be "__inline" for
this wretched compiler.

2) rollsum.c needs to be added to the project (else get
link errors)


  • Donovan Baarda

    Donovan Baarda - 2006-04-10

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    The "inline" vs "__inline" problem requires autoconfigure.ac
    changes, and a re-generation of PCBuild/config.h and
    PCBuild/librsync-config.h. Either that or we should just
    remove all inline statements, which may be a better idea.

    Adding rollsum.c to the project needs someone to submit an
    updated VS-C++ project file.

    I nolonger have easy access to VS-C++ to update project
    files or configure new config.h stuff. Feel free to submit
    updated project and config files to the patch tracker, and I
    will incorporate them.

  • Donovan Baarda

    Donovan Baarda - 2006-04-10
    • assigned_to: nobody --> abo
  • Ryan T. Sammartino

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    And I don't have access to an old enough VisualStudio to be
    able to update those old project files, but I can give you
    new-style Visual Studio project files (so-called "solutions").

    I'm on the road at the moment and will upload new "solution"
    files and you can do with them as you please once I'm back.


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