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Please check for existing similar bug reports before submitting a new bug report.

Bugs that are unresolved will have Status "Open", Resolution "None".
Bugs that are fixed in CVS will have Status "Open", Resolution "Fixed".
Bugs that are fixed in a release will have Status "Closed", Resolution "Fixed".

Bugs that are invalid will be set Status "Pending" and Resolution "Invalid", with an explanation of why this is not a bug.
Bugs that are duplicates will be set Status "Pending", Resolution "Duplicate", with a reference to the bug they duplicate.
Bugs that cannot be replicated will be set Status Pending, Resolution "works for me", with details of attempts to replicate it.
All bugs with Status "Pending" will be automatically set Status "Deleted" after 14 days unless the originator responds to challenge that the bug was incorrectly resolved as "Invalid", "Duplicate" or "works for me".

Note: All bug submissions and changes are sent to the librsync-commits list so developers can track and discuss them.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority
20 Rsync random error syncing directory in windows v1.0 (example) wont-fix 2012-11-09 2014-10-12 5  
8 don't print long integers by casting to float None closed-fixed Martin Pool 2004-09-09 2004-09-10 4  
7 Corrupted syncs with large files None closed-fixed Martin Pool 2004-09-05 2004-09-10 7  
5 mdfour.c fails with non-int-aligned buffers on HP None closed-fixed Martin Pool 2004-01-19 2004-09-10 5  
4 "make check" fails due to apparent error in None closed-works-for-me Donovan Baarda 2004-01-19 2004-06-03 4  
3 buf.c incorrect header order None closed-fixed Donovan Baarda 2003-12-06 2004-09-10 5  
2 ERROR: (rs_file_copy_cb) seek failed None closed-fixed Donovan Baarda 2003-08-13 2004-10-18 5  
1 Can't build - automake woes None closed-works-for-me Donovan Baarda 2002-09-23 2003-03-05 5  
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