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Uploaded the html reference for the library

I updated the HTML documentation for the library generated by
doxygen. Doing so, I found out that the latest Doxygen has problems with function which are overloaded multiple times.
So it appers that some function are not documented althought they are documented. I'll send a bug report to the doxygen folks.

Posted by Philippe Lavoie 2003-06-24

3.0.11 will break your project

All the header files are now using the .h suffix instead of the .hh suffix. Change all your references to nurbs.hh to nurbs.h and you should do fine.

Posted by Philippe Lavoie 2002-05-24

Release 3.0.11

NURBS++ now compiles on gcc 2.96, gcc 3.1 and VC++6.0

Posted by Philippe Lavoie 2002-05-24

CVS is setup

3.0.11 dev is now in the CVS directory. I also added nurby a NURBS editor I'll be doing to test the stuff I write with NURBS++. I could integrate into mind's eyes or something else instead though.

Posted by Philippe Lavoie 2001-11-02