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#16 Two rpm patches that could be added

Interface (7)

libircclient-1.6-install.patch allows running make install and use libdir and includedir in case it is not standard. Usually only libdir can have a value other than @prefix@/lib/.

libircclient-1.6-rfc.patch is required at least when building megaglest, to avoid an error like:
error: 'LIBIRC_RFC_RPL_ENDOFNAMES' was not declared in this scope

If building a shared library, I believe it would be desirable to use a major for it. Since is hand made, it could be done with something like:
- $(CC) -shared -s -o libircclient.o @LIBS@
+ $(CC) -shared -s -o -Wl, libircclient.o @LIBS@
+ ln -s

and then update the install patch.


  • Paulo Andrade

    Paulo Andrade - 2012-05-01

    Actual working patch to create a shared library, to apply after the previous ones.

  • Paulo Andrade

    Paulo Andrade - 2012-05-01

    Sorry for the mess with the -shared patch, was expecting it to ask if did
    want to overwrite the previous one when uploading a newer with the same

    Change from original one is that now it creates the symlink before install
    or build will fail if there isn't already an installed libircclient, and also did
    remove -s to not strip the library.

    I am requesting reviews of a libircclient rpm for inclusion in Fedora, so,
    these changes are required to pass packaging guidelines and rpmlint

    The Fedora review request is at


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